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    Xiang Xue Pharmaceuticals to engage in Chinese medicine drink tablets step by step, this time spent another 160 million

    • Last Update: 2021-02-20
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    Recently, Xiang Xue Pharmaceutical announced that, in order to support the development of Hubei Tianji in the Chinese medicine tablet industry, decided to increase its capital, the total amount of capital increase of 300 million yuan, of which Xiang Xue Pharmaceuticals contributed 165 million yuan, after the capital increase is completed, Xiang Xue Pharmaceutical still holds 55% of Hubei Tianji's equity, this capital increase will be used for Hubei Tianji in Wuhan to invest in the new production base of Chinese medicine tablets.

    the company's huge capital increase subsidiary intended?
    , a controlling subsidiary of Xiang Xue Pharmaceuticals, holds a 55% stake in Hubei Tianji. Business scope includes the cultivation of Chinese herbal medicine, agricultural and by-products acquisition, Chinese medicine tablet production, pre-packaged food and bulk food wholesale and retail. According to reports, Hubei Tianji is the production and sale of large-scale Chinese medicine tablets in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, with a more fixed large hospital customer base. Judging from the performance of the most recent year and the first three quarters of this year, Hubei Tianji's operating income and net profit have achieved remarkable results, and the net operating income margin remained at about 9%.
    It is understood that according to the agreement, the capital increase is based on the registered capital of Tianji, Hubei Province, the parties in accordance with the proportion of the same proportion of capital increase, the total amount of capital increase is 30 million yuan, of which 40 million yuan of new registered capital, 26 million yuan of new capital accumulation. This Xiang Xue Pharmaceutical capital increase of 165 million yuan, Qingsong Pharmaceutical capital increase of 88.8462 million yuan, Ji Qingsong capital increase of 20.7692 million yuan, Han Suying capital increase of 25.3846 million yuan. Upon completion of the capital increase, the registered capital of Hubei Tianji will be increased from RMB260 million to RMB30 million, and Xiang Xue Pharmaceutical will still hold a 55% stake in Hubei Tianji, with the remaining shareholders holding the same shareholding.
    Xiang Xue Pharmaceutical said that the capital increase from the company's self-financing, will be used in Hubei Tianji in Wuhan to invest in the new production base of Chinese medicine tablet preparations project. The proposed construction of the project includes land acquisition, small packaging production workshop, large packaging production workshop, Chinese medicine formula particle production workshop, toxic beverage tablet production workshop, frying center, research and development center, raw material warehouse, cost warehouse, refrigeration warehouse, testing center and related operating facilities and power supply and drainage, fire protection, environmental protection and other necessary auxiliary facilities and public works. This capital increase will help the company's production capacity of Chinese medicine tablets and related products, enrich Chinese medicine species, promote the company to further expand the brand effect and market share of Chinese medicine tablets, to meet market demand, in line with the company's long-term planning and development strategy.

    Results are impressive, the Chinese medicine tablet business revenue ratio increased
    From the performance data, Xiang Xue Pharmaceutical's performance in the third quarter of 2017 compared with previous years has increased significantly, the growth rate of more than 20%, and net profit compared with the same period last year, the decline rate has also slowed down, the overall performance shows a positive trend.
    According to the semi-annual report data released earlier by Xiang Xue Pharmaceuticals, by the pharmaceutical industry market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, "two-vote system" reform, some raw material prices fluctuate significantly, labor costs rise, the company's marketing system adjustment and other factors, the company's main products anti-viral oral liquid and plate blue root particles revenue significantly reduced, but thanks to the completion of the acquisition of Hubei Tianji, the company's Chinese medicine tablet business has a faster development, the first half of the revenue growth rate of 75.70%. The Chinese medicine tablet business has gradually become the main revenue source of Xiang Xue Pharmaceuticals, accounting for more than 35% of the company's total operating income in the first half of the year.

    8 approved Chinese medicine formula particles pilot
    as early as August this year, Xiang Xue Pharmaceutical received the Guangdong Food and Drug Administration issued an agreement to carry out Chinese medicine formula particles in the province research and production pilot approval, this is after June Kangmei Pharmaceuticals, Guangdong Province's second approved enterprises.
    Xiang Xue Pharmaceuticals has said that to carry out research and production pilot in the province of Chinese medicine formula particles, on the one hand, is conducive to enrich the company's product structure, improve the distribution of Chinese medicine resources throughout the industrial chain, meet market demand, further expand the brand effect and market share;

    step by step, in order to consolidate the industry's dominant position
    Xiang Xue Pharmaceutical in the 2016 annual report has mentioned that Chinese medicine tablets as an important part of the industrial chain of the Chinese medicine industry, in recent years, both in terms of production scale and production capacity, have ushered in a period of rapid development. In the 2017 plan, Xiang Xue Pharmaceutical mentioned to continue to accelerate the optimization, integration from the existing chinese medicine cultivation base, Chinese medicine beverage tablet production, storage logistics to customer terminal advantages of resources, enhance synergies, thereby strengthening the market share of Chinese medicine tablets, while accelerating the expansion strategy of the Chinese medicine tablet industry chain, make full use of the advantages of the capital market, pay close attention to the Chinese medicine tablet industry mergers and acquisition opportunities, and actively seek regional leaders and other high-quality standards.
    In the first half of this year, subsidiaries Hubei Tianji and Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. also set up Hubei Tianji Smart Chinese Medicine Technology Co., Ltd. and Jinan Xiang Xue Wisdom Chinese Medicine Technology Co., Ltd., respectively, with the aim of further developing the smart Chinese medicine medical business and increasing the market share of the Chinese medicine tablet business. In this way, Xiang Xue Pharmaceuticals in the Chinese medicine tablet business strategy is in order, but also step by step, the future of the leading competition will be spent on who's home, we are happy to see it. (Mi Net)
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