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    Xinfadi: There is ample supply of vegetables in the two markets, and the price of pork remains...

    • Last Update: 2022-01-09
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    New Year's Day and the Spring Festival are approaching, and the festive supply of vegetables and meat in Beijing has attracted much attention
    On December 30, a reporter from the Beijing News visited the Xinfadi Vegetable Wholesale Market in Beijing and found that the prices of coriander, spinach, celery and other vegetables have fallen further, and the price of pork has continued to be around 10 yuan per catty
    The person in charge of Xinfadi said that during the two festivals, the supply of vegetables and meat was sufficient, and the prices remained stable as a whole

    Increase in the amount of vegetables on the market during the two festivals

    On December 30, a reporter from the Beijing News saw in the Xinfadi vegetable trading area that some consumers were buying boxes of eggplants, tomatoes, zucchini and other vegetables
    A merchant told a reporter from the Beijing News that in the near future, vegetable stocks are sufficient, and the daily order quantity is basically fixed.
    At present, many customers have already ordered vegetables for the New Year's Day period in advance

    In terms of prices, the prices of celery, spinach, naked oatmeal, and Chinese cabbage have fallen sharply from mid-to-late November 2021
    For example, the wholesale price of naked oatmeal on December 30 was 2-3 yuan/jin, while on November 15, the wholesale price of naked oatmeal was as high as 3.
    5 yuan/jin
    A merchant told a reporter from the Beijing News, “The price of chives has dropped drastically.
    Last month, they could sell as high as 6-7 yuan per catty, while the current wholesale price is 2-3 yuan per catty

    Tong Wei, the head of the Propaganda Department of Xinfadi, told the Beijing News that on December 30, the daily supply of vegetables in Xinfadi reached 23,000 tons, and the weighted average price was 3.
    5 yuan/kg
    At present, the quantity of reserve vegetables, vegetable greenhouses, and southern vegetables on the market has increased, and the price decline has narrowed

    Liu Tong, the head of Beijing's Xinfa Geological Statistics Department, said that since December, a large number of southern dishes from Hubei, Sichuan, Yunnan and other places have been listed in Beijing.
    At present, Xinfadi has a sufficient supply of vegetables
    "A batch of vegetables will be put on the market before the New Year’s Day and the Spring Festival.
    The ones that will be marketed before the New Year’s Day will be the vegetables that were delayed in the early stage.
    During the holiday season, the number of vegetables on the market will increase.
    Listed in bulk

    Regarding the trend of vegetable prices in the future, Liu Tong said that in the recent period, the supply of vegetables has been sufficient, and the prices have been stable and declining
    “The overall price of vegetables has recently dropped to around 3.
    4 yuan/kg, which is more than 50 cents lower than the highest price of 3.
    95 yuan/kg in October.
    However, due to the early cold wave weather affecting the harvest, the price of vegetables has increased in recent days
    As the weather improves, Prices will fall somewhat, but not much

    In addition, the Beijing News reporter learned that in order to effectively coordinate the production and planting of vegetable production areas, all kinds of vegetable "big households" in Xinfadi have spontaneously established a grower alliance.
    The main role of the alliance is to integrate resources to form a closed loop of the industrial chain, achieve information sharing, and allow the vast number of planters to grow.
    They have a more comprehensive understanding of the production area and consumer market, effectively coordinate production and planting, and reduce risks
    It is understood that more than 200 large business operators with their own bases in the Xinfadi market have joined the alliance

    Pork prices continue to stabilize

    New Year's Day and the Spring Festival are approaching, and pork consumption is increasing.
    What about the supply and price of pork in Xinfadi? Tong Wei introduced that on December 30, the supply of Xinfadi white striped pigs was 2,158, with a weighted average price of 19.
    25 yuan/kg
    "The recent supply is within this volume range, and the price will not change much
    " According to Xinfadi data, on December 29, the average price of white striped pigs in Xinfadi's market was 19.
    25 yuan/kg, compared to On November 29, 21.
    25 yuan/kg dropped by 9.

    Xinfadi chairman Zhang Yuxi told the media that at present, the stock and supply of Xinfadi hairy pigs are sufficient, and pork prices are expected to remain stable during the two festivals
    The current price stability is achieved through the postponement of some of the slaughter pigs.
    "When the postponement of slaughter pigs must be released, if the demand cannot increase simultaneously, the price will fall to a certain extent

    Xinfadi said that during the two festivals, the price of pork cuts will be synchronized with the prices of white striped pigs and continue to maintain a stable operation.
    Cuts with bones such as ribs and elbows will be driven by the increase in household demand, and prices will rise to a certain extent.


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