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    Xinjiang Changji: Branding kicks off the "first shot" of seed industry revitalization

    • Last Update: 2021-11-16
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    "A seed can change a world.

    On October 23, at the 13th China International Seed Industry Expo and the 18th National Seed Information Exchange and Product Fair, a series of beautiful "rainbow bars" made people shine, this is from Xinjiang.

    △The beautiful rainbow landscape on the National Seed "Double Fair"

    Nowadays, it is not uncommon to create a regional public brand of agricultural products, but it is rare to create a regional public brand of seed

    Brand leads the high-quality development of the seed industry

    Brand leads the high-quality development of the seed industry

    Xinjiang is China’s largest cotton and melon seed production base and the second largest corn seed production base.

    Changji seed production began in the 1980s.

    In the territory of Changji Seed Industry, corn seed production is undoubtedly the most dazzling existence

    In fact, Changji Seed Industry has long established its brand

    Seed industry revitalization is essentially the revitalization of agricultural technology and seed industry enterprises.

    "Three years ago, Changji asked Nongben Consulting to build a seed industry brand.

    It is understood that Xinjiang proposed the construction of "four million mu" seed production bases last year.

    △"Changji Corn Seed" Regional Public Brand Strategy Released

    "At this national

    "Xinjiang Advantage" Attracts Global Seed Enterprises

    "Xinjiang Advantage" Attracts Global Seed Enterprises

    In half of October, the seed-producing corn in Yongjin Village, Yushugou Town, Changji City had already been harvested, but the joy of the golden autumn harvest still echoed in the fields

    "In the past, the fathers used their energy and energy to grow the land, and a few acres of land would have exhausted the whole family.

    It is understood that through the use of advanced machinery and technologies such as joint soil preparation, precision seeding, water-saving irrigation, soil testing and formula fertilization, drone "one spray and three prevention", and combine harvester harvesting, Changji has initially realized the mechanization of the entire corn seed production process.

    In recent years, large domestic seed companies such as Quanyin Hi-Tech, Denghai, East Asia, Fengle, and Golden Nonghua have selected customized seed bases in Changji Happy Enclosure to build complete processing lines

    "Changji has sufficient light and heat, a dry climate and Tianshan snow water irrigation.

    "Integration of breeding, reproduction and promotion" to build a modern seed industry highland

    "Integration of breeding, reproduction and promotion" to build a modern seed industry highland

    Seeds are the "chips" of agriculture, and every link is "technical work"

    In the Huaxi Seed Processing Workshop in Changji City, a 1200 tons/batch corn ear drying production line and two 10 tons/hour seed processing production lines are interlocked, and the production of corn from the warehouse to the commercial seed is "in one go

    "We adopt fully automated processing, and the key indicators such as seed germination rate, purity, clarity and moisture content are all higher than the national standard, which is trusted by customers.
    In the future, we will further improve corporate standards and production capacity
    " Yang Junshan, general manager of Huaxi Seed Industry, told reporters.
    Huaxi’s R&D investment has increased from 3% of the previous turnover to more than 5%, realizing simultaneous efforts in multiple links such as R&D, production, and promotion

    It is reported that, as a national integrated seed breeding company, Huaxi Seed Co.
    , Ltd.
    cooperated with Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry to select new corn varieties.
    Currently, there are more than 30 new corn varieties approved by the autonomous region and the state, and the annual seed sales revenue exceeds 100 million yuan
    In 2018, the company was identified as the lead unit of the Xinjiang Corn Science and Technology Innovation Consortium, participating in projects such as the early, middle and late-maturing corn variety breeding center in northern and southern Xinjiang

    Breeding and seed production are worlds apart
    It is reported that Changji Quanzhou has established 3 corn R&D institutions, 2 melon R&D centers, and 2 wheat R&D centers with enterprises as the main body
    In 2018, among the 5 seed industry technological innovation consortia established in Xinjiang, 4 technological innovation consortia of wheat, corn, processed tomato, and watermelon all settled in Changji

    In the germplasm resource bank of Jiushenghe Agricultural Science and Technology Industrial Park, there are more than 6,000 copies of wheat, cotton, corn and other varieties resources, and more than 30,000 copies of various breeding materials are stored neatly
    This is the largest and most conserved germplasm bank in Xinjiang except the germplasm bank of Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences

    "Jiushenghe puts out more than 17 million yuan in scientific research funds every year, has 6 own breeding teams and 119 cooperative breeding teams, and it is expected that more than 20 varieties will be approved this year
    " said Wang Aihua, president of Jiushenghe Seed Industry Co.
    , Ltd.
    At present, the company has the exclusive right to produce 141 seed varieties, including 45 wheat varieties, 23 cotton varieties, and 73 corn varieties, of which 56 varieties have obtained independent intellectual property rights
    At the same time, the company also established a special seed standard research institute to cooperate with the China Agricultural University to comprehensively promote the construction of a seed standardization system

    It is understood that Jiushenghe is a national "integrated breeding, reproduction and promotion" seed industry enterprise that has grown up in Changji City, and is a member of the top ten national seed industry companies and a major scientific research unit of national improved varieties

    "Changji City is one of the four major corn seed production bases in the prefecture.
    Two of the three integrated breeding and promotion enterprises in Xinjiang are headquartered here.
    It brings together 1 national-level leading enterprise and 8 autonomous region-level leading enterprises.
    There are 5 seed companies with a registered capital of more than 100 million yuan, and they have the most cutting-edge resources of agricultural science and technology in Xinjiang
    " Wang Xiang, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Changji Prefecture, said that in the future, scientific and technological enterprise R&D cooperation will be vigorously promoted, and germplasm resource protection will be vigorously promoted.
    , To build a modern breeding system of "integration of breeding, reproduction and promotion", leading Changji to become the first choice for national seed production and a highland for the western seed industry

    According to statistics, there are currently 68 seed production companies in Changji, accounting for about 38% of the number of seed companies in Xinjiang.
    Among them, there are 2 and 8 integrated seed companies at the national and autonomous region level, with nearly 100 seed industries.
    Corporate branding

    "Whether it is from the climatic conditions of seed production, arable land, mechanization advantages or corporate strength, Changji is considered to be a leader in the country
    Now it has built a brand, leading the high-quality development of the Changji seed corn industry with the brand, and winning the seed industry for our country.
    Turning over to ensure national food security, the implementation of seed industry revitalization and rural revitalization has set a benchmark
    " said Qiu Jun, director of the Seed Industry Monitoring Division of the National Agricultural Technology Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

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