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    Yantai twin-tower food participated in the drafting of the "plant-based meat products" group standards

    • Last Update: 2021-01-02
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      On December 25, the China Food Science and Technology Association issued the "Plant-based Meat Products" group standard.
    As the world's largest supplier of pea protein, plant protein meat production enterprises, twin-tower food focus on new technologies, new industries, participated in the drafting of the group's standards, and strictly in accordance with the core of the standard, put forward a clear definition of plant-based food and attribute requirements and other standards and data, in the industry norms on the road to development, issued a "twin-tower sound."
    of this year, the China Food Science and Technology Association established the "Plant-based Meat Products" group standard.
    In line with the original intention of promoting the simultaneous development of standards, technologies and product innovations for plant-based meat products, Twin Tower Foods actively participated in the drafting of the group's standards, and appointed Zhang Shucheng, Deputy General Manager of the Company, and Wu Shimin of the Ministry of Research and Development to participate in the development and discussion of standards and revision, and put forward many valuable suggestions.
    institutions and enterprises participating in the "Plant-based Meat Products" group standard, including China Agricultural University, Jiangnan University, as well as Unilever, Cargy, Nestle and other large international companies, business types from raw materials, processing to sales and other fields.
    The definition of plant-based meat products, plant raw materials or their processed products as a source of protein, fat, add or not add other accessories, food additives, processed into a similar animal meat quality structure, flavor, morphology and other characteristics of food.
    , the standard specifies plant-based definitions, raw materials and attribute requirements for the final product, including morphology, odor, color, etc.
    The standard also strictly defines the basic requirements, technical requirements, inspection rules, labelling, marking, packaging, transportation and storage of plant-based meat products, is the industry's first standard specifications for plant-based meat products.
    plant-based meat products are a booming market, with Euromonist saying the global meat substitutes industry is worth $20.7 billion and will grow to $23.2 billion by 2024.
    this emerging industry is in its infancy, but the market potential is limitless.
    as a leading enterprise of plant-based protein meat, Twin Towers Foods said that the industry must have norms, standards, the market to achieve sustainable development, can not be a dish of loose sand, irregular development will inevitably cause market chaos.
    to lead the orderly development of the industry, we must have clear standards as a benchmark for measuring quality, in this regard, as a plant protein meat raw materials and technical advantages of enterprises, twin-tower food responsibility.
    due to early participation in group standard-setting, twin-tower food industry standard requirements are very clear, the company launched in November 2020 nine plant protein meat products, fully in line with the requirements of the standard.
    It is understood that twin-tower food has now led and participated in the Longkou fans, powder, plant protein peptide food safety, edible industrial plant protein national standards, plant-based meat products group standards, through the most perfect standards to promote the technical level, in leading the healthy development of the industry on the road to play a good leading role in the demonstration.
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