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    Yili announced its first quarter 2020 report and 2019 annual report, with a net profit of 7 billion yuan last year.

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    Source: Chengdu Business Dailyon the night of April 28, Yili Shares published its 2019 annual report and the first quarter 2020 reportAccording to the annual report, in 2019, the company achieved total operating income of RMB90,223 million, up 13.41 percent Year-on-Year, and net profit of RMB7 billion, up 7.73 percent YoY, ranking first in the Asian dairy results show that Yili divided its products into three major sectors, accounting for the highest liquid milk products revenue of 73.761 billion yuan, an increase of 12.31 percent over the previous year; In particular, the report noted that Yili's new product sales accounted for 19.4 percent of sales, up 4.6 percentage points from a year earlier, making it a new growth point for the company's performance., and released a quarterly report showing that Yili shares in January-March this year realized total operating income of 20,653 million yuan, net profit of 1.153 billion yuanAccording to Yili's terminal data, the current production and sales have been fully restored, showing a strong ability to resist risks.Yili's global industrial chain layoutit is understood that Yili in Inner Mongolia, northwest, and northeast three major gold milk source base, actively linked inner Mongolia league cities to build Hohhot, Hulunbel, Bayangar, Xing UNITA, Tongliao and other five industrial cluster projects, to broaden the high-quality development space of China's dairy industryAmong them, Hulunbel Yili Group green smart high-end organic dairy demonstration project, a total investment of 4.5 billion yuanThe first phase of investment of 1 billion yuan to build a high-end liquid milk base, put into operation, can achieve an annual output of 530,000 tons of liquid milk, the output value of 4 billion yuanThe second phase of the project plans to build it into a national-level integrated breeding and processing project through the construction of standardized dairy farms and smart dairy processing plantsThe project will drive the local logistics and transportation, packaging printing and other up-and-down industries to develop together, the formation of 10 billion yuan industrial scale, driving at least 100 billion yuan of the entire industrial chain economic contribution the same time, Yili is also actively expanding its global industrial chain: in 2019, Yili acquired Westland, New Zealand's second-largest dairy cooperative, which supplies about 4% of New Zealand's raw milk, further cementing Erie's milk source advantageAs of the end of 2019, Yili's combined production capacity was 11.85 million tons/year, the largest in the industry, according to the results.innovation, technology enabling product structure optimization health productladder strengthdata show that in 2019, Yili's research and development costs of 495 million yuan, up 16% year-on-year, ahead of other Chinese dairy enterprisesAs of December 2019, Yili has obtained a total of 2,703 patents, of which the number of patents granted for inventions 515, and 4 patents have been awarded the China Patent Excellence Award In 2019, Yili has launched a series of high-end new products such as "NOC must do all the fresh fruit" ice cream, "Golden-collar crowned yuzi lamb" infant formula, "Golden-collar crown Sena pastoral" organic infant formula, etc In addition, also introduced a "plant selection" bean milk drinks, "Icarving live spring" volcano cryogenic mineral water, "Iran dairy mine" drinks and other health new products. reported that Yili's new product sales accounted for 19.4 percent of sales, up 4.6 percentage points from a year earlier Dairy drinks, packaged water, cream, cheese and other businesses will also become Yili's new growth point. another industry concern is Yili's initiative in the update iteration of classic products, in 2019, Yili launched the "Amusi high-end drink series of fruit-type oranges and phoenix" new products, "Anmushi" coffee yogurt, "Golden San" pure milk and so on According to the financial reporting reporting reporting period, sales revenue of key products such as "Golden Classic" "Amusi", "Smooth Light" "Golden Collar" "Chi-Lez" and "Smooth 100%" increased by 22.3% Year-on-Year. donated a total of 280 million yuan to support the national war "epidemic" Yili 2019 report shows that in the reporting period, Yili issued a total of about 18.3 billion yuan in financing, providing financing services for 4,137 upstream and downstream partners Between 2014 and 2019, the company issued a total of 46.4 billion yuan in financing, the cumulative number of customers nearly 5,992. it is understood that during the 2020 new crown epidemic, Yili donated a total of 280 million yuan to support the national war "epidemic", at the same time, to raise anti-epidemic materials to help upstream pastures and dairy farmers, to provide anti-epidemic guidance, open green financing channels, fully support the ranch to tide over the difficulties, less than 50 days to come up with 670 million yuan, is expected to reach 5 billion yuan for the whole year. Source: Chengdu Business Daily
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