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    Yiling pharmaceutical industry in the two extremes of "magic medicine" and "poison"

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    For many investors, Yiling Pharmaceutical (002603SZ) before and after the new crown epidemic is totally different< br / > according to the calculation of the reinstatement price, from the opening price of listing in 2011 to the closing price at the end of 2019, Yiling pharmaceutical's share price has not doubled in the nine years after listing, but has fallen by 17.4%< br / > before the new crown epidemic, the listed company with Academician halo obviously didn't bring investors the return on investment matching the pharmaceutical industry, but the turnaround of Yiling pharmaceutical industry in the secondary market was related to the two academicians< br / > in just 70 trading days, Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltdsoared to 41.69 yuan, the highest price in history, at 12.12 yuan at the beginning of 2020, an increase of more than 2.4 timesIn these 70 trading days, the share price of Yiling pharmaceutical industry followed the outbreak and slowdown of domestic and overseas epidemics< br / > one red color? Decline! < br / > with Zhong Nanshan's endorsement, Wu Yiling's name, official certification and overseas tourists' desire, the stock price of Yiling pharmaceutical, the manufacturer of Lianhua Qingwen capsule, rose by taking advantage of the new crown epidemic situation< br / > but whether Lianhuaqingwen capsule has curative effect in Xinguan is the focus of the capital marketThe comments on Yiling pharmaceutical and Wuzhong are mixed< br / > not a few people think that Lianhua Qingwen is better than health products in the prevention and control of new crown virus, and even some people analyze that Houttuynia cordata used in the medicine is rich in aristolochic acid, and the direct poke pointing to Lianhua Qingwen capsule is not only an antiviral drug, but a "poison"< br / > not only that, but also many comments are directed at academicians Zhong Nanshan and Wu YilingThe former is criticized as the platform of the latter, which is related to interests, and the latter is accused of making wealth by virtue of the title of academicianIn short, the two academicians are "late in life"< br / > the epidemic situation and Shenyao have stimulated the excitement of the capital market; the debate between the richest academician and traditional Chinese medicine has become a hot topic of Pan socializationHowever, few people have noticed that behind Lianhua Qingwen's pulse burst of red with criticism, the industry of traditional Chinese medicine in China is declining day by dayaccording to the survey data of "mineI", the sales volume of Chinese patent medicine in the terminals of public medical institutions in China was 283 billion yuan in 2019, showing a negative growth of 1.7% compared with 2018 In fact, since 2014, the overall growth rate of Chinese patent medicine market has dropped to a single digit, and by 2018, it has dropped to less than 1% < br / > sales of terminal Chinese patent medicine in China's public medical institutions (unit: 100 million yuan) < br / > data source: minenet < br / > the overall growth of Chinese patent medicine market slows down, which seems to be a little out of line with the development momentum and policy trend of China's big health industry In the recent government work report, for the first time, "promote the revitalization and development of traditional Chinese medicine" < br / > in the situation that the new crown epidemic is not over yet, at least from the top-level design, we can smell the government's high expectations for the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry < br / > however, in today's Chinese medical system based on Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine are only "supporting roles" It can also be seen from the new crown epidemic that, on the one hand, the Chinese medicine industry is shouting "more than 80000 confirmed patients in China, more than 70000 of them have been treated by TCM Intervention, accounting for 91%"; on the other hand, it has always positioned Chinese medicine in the "auxiliary" treatment of the new crown < br / > in addition to the epidemic situation, in recent years, due to the adjustment of medical insurance policy and the gradual refinement of hospital rational drug use policy, the overall growth of the pharmaceutical market is not outstanding, but the impact of Chinese patent medicine is greater than that of Western medicine < br / > back to the company's value itself, is the long-standing stock price of Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd a sign of the decline of proprietary Chinese medicine in addition to its internal governance? Does the current stock price hesitation mean that Yiling pharmaceutical industry has really returned to the rising channel of long-term development? < br / > academicians are well-known Whether Yiling pharmaceutical industry can grasp the policy of "promoting the revitalization and development of traditional Chinese medicine" and make use of the public foundation stimulated by the epidemic situation to drive the whole traditional Chinese medicine industry to get back on its feet is the real test of its value core < br / > What about magic medicine? < br / > compared with the "life-saving straw" of the global people, redceway of Gilead, an American pharmaceutical company, Lianhua Qingwen capsule of Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd seems to have received much more criticism and questioning < br / > in fact, Lianhua Qingwen capsule is a broad-spectrum antiviral drug developed by Academician Wu Yiling in 2003 In the following influenza outbreaks, Lianhuaqingwen capsule has been listed as the drug recommendation for the treatment of respiratory diseases such as influenza A, influenza B and avian influenza issued by the National Health Commission and the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine 20 times < br / > from SARS to H1N1, h7n9, and then to covid-19, even huaqingwen capsule can be covered and become the recommended drug for relevant diagnosis and treatment programs According to the thinking of Western medicine, this is undoubtedly the "magic drug" attribute for all kinds of influenza viruses China's novel coronavirus pneumonia is a effective drug for treating new crown pneumonia Zhong Nanshan, a member of the Chinese Academy of engineering, who is regarded by the public as the soul of the epidemic, is the effective drug for treating new crown pneumonia "We even did the experiment in vitro in the It was found in the laboratory that its anti virus effect was not strong, but its anti-inflammatory performance was outstanding." < br / > in fact, Zhong Nanshan endorsed the role of Lianhua Qingwen in the field of influenza A (H1N1) long ago At the critical stage of the new crown prevention and control, the conspiracy theorists criticized Lianhua Qingwen as a spokesman for the interests of Wu Yiling, a fellow academician of the Academy of engineering < br / > some people even turned up the news that Wu Yiling and Zhong Nanshan established the "Nanshan Yiling lung collaterals joint research center" in Guangzhou Medical University last September, in order to prove that the two people have interest relations and have intimate relations < br / > but it is the voice of negative view on traditional Chinese medicine In the eyes of doubters, Lianhuaqingwen, like most traditional Chinese medicine, has not undergone a complete scientific evidence-based process, and the toxic and side effects of ingredients are unknown < br / > is Lianhua Qingwen useful? Or how useful in the end? It seems to be a difficult question to make clear < br / > many people also quoted Zhang Wenhong, the "red man" of the new crown, who was asked whether "even Hua Qingwen and vitamin C are standardized and effective" and replied: "some health care products can be eaten without harm, and the new crown can also be eaten" < br / > according to the information disclosed by Yiling pharmaceutical, Lianhua Qingwen capsule has been approved to be listed in more than 20 countries and regions, but its registered identity is basically "natural health products", "food supplements" and "natural drugs" < br / > even in Singapore of Chinese descent world, Lianhua Qingwen capsule received the registration approval of "Chinese patent medicine" issued by the Health Science Bureau of Singapore, but a spokesman of the Health Science Bureau said that it was only approved as "Chinese patent medicine", but "it was not approved for treatment or to alleviate crown disease" < br / > Lianhuaqingwen is "adjuvant therapy" at most Such value judgment is not only overseas, but also seems to be a "mainstream" view at home < br / > Li Junyi, who has long studied the industrialization and scientific development of traditional Chinese medicine in Jixing Qihuang health industry center, believes that the reason for such a big difference in Lianhua Qingwen lies in the fact that traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine are totally different cognitive systems < br / > western medicine can cure the symptoms, while traditional Chinese medicine can cure the root causes Many people quoted Zhong Nanshan's statement that "Lianhuaqingwen capsule has weak inhibition on virus", but Li Junyi said that the theory of traditional Chinese medicine is not to "fight against" virus like western medicine, but to support human body "healthy qi" to resolve and eliminate "pathogenic factors" < br / > in western medicine, there is a fair view that there is no specific medicine for the new coronavirus at present, but traditional Chinese medicine is dealing with the new coronavirus with prescriptions for SARS, H1N1 and avian influenza, which seems inconceivable < br / > It may take a long time, so we need to develop vaccines before that " < br / > Li Junyi told polypeptide chain that aspirin is the only medicine with a history of more than 100 years in western medicine, but many classic prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine have been condensed through hundreds of thousands of years of clinical practice < br / > it is not difficult to find out that Chinese medicine has a history of thousands of years in the fight against "plague" From the perspective of "Strengthening Qi", new crown is not a "new disease" for Chinese medicine recently, a novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment for COVID-19 was recently published by the new England Journal of medicine A series of randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials conducted by the National Institutes of health and associated units for a total of 1063 patients were conducted in the new National Journal of Health Sciences and associated units: in shortening the time of recovery and the evidence for new crown pneumonia, Reed Readcivir is only superior to placebo < br / > radcivir, considered the most likely to be effective in the world, is still unable to fully prove its effectiveness in the treatment of new crowns < br / > a cruel reality that is often ignored by people is that in the history of Western medicine dominated human anti-virus, so far only smallpox virus has been eliminated by human beings all over the world < br / > but black death, rabies, AIDS, Ebola, hantavirus, Marburg virus, anthrax, and the most familiar influenza virus, these demons wandering in the human world are not tamed by human beings, we just do the most basic defense < br / > third interest game? < br / > the other side of human being's face to all kinds of known and unknown viruses is the higher and higher medical and health budget expenditure of each country This is an unparalleled huge market, and benefits are the best driver < br / > in fact, modern western medicine developed rapidly after World War II and achieved more results than the previous hundred years, but in the past hundred years, western medicine has also been questioned < br / > for example, aspirin, the earliest chemical drug, was once regarded as a magic drug of all gold oil, but up to now, there are still doubts about its side effects in the academic community; similar "encounters" also appear in vitamins and other chemicals < br / > insulin, considered to be "one of the greatest inventions", is also accused by "conspiracy theorists" of bringing "endless" commercial benefits, which makes the commercial institutions that make it repeatedly block the medical and scientific circles from really tackling diabetes < br / > from this point of view, western medicine, like traditional Chinese medicine, is bound by the attribute of commercialization, but also has different market changes due to the existence of "interest game" < br / > What if we only judge Yiling pharmaceutical from the perspective of commercial value? < br / > in terms of product structure, the anti cold drugs represented by Lianhua Qingwen series products are not the first category of Yiling pharmaceutical, while the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs represented by Tongxinluo capsule and Shensong Yangxin capsule are the main contribution category of Yiling pharmaceutical's revenue and profit < br / > according to the data of 2019 annual report, the contribution rate of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs to the revenue and profit of Yiling pharmaceutical industry is 53.36% and 58.14% respectively; the corresponding data of anti cold drugs is 29.35% and 30.59% < br / > in recent three years, the performance of Yiling pharmaceutical industry brought by such a product structure is the steady growth of revenue and the fluctuation of non net profit deduction, which means the company's profitability is declining < br / > one of the reasons for the negative growth of non net profit is the increasing sales expenses of Yiling pharmaceutical industry The high sales rate is also one of the key points criticized by the media < br / > but know, heart
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