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    Yili's first-half revenue was RMB45,071 million, with net profit of nearly RMB4 billion

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    August 29, Erie shares (600887SH) releases the 2019 Semi-Annual ReportThe report shows that in the first half of 2019, Yili shares achieved total operating income of RMB45,071 million and net profit of nearly RMB4 billionAmong them, the comprehensive market share, market penetration and other core indicators continue to lead the industry, ranking first in Asiadata show that for many years, Yili's revenue has remained in the domestic 22 listed dairy companies accounted for one-third of the total revenue, the lead continues to expand, constantly refreshing the Asian dairy record, leading the industryIn the first half of the year, Yili again used a "high-quality" growth performance data answer, to prove its position as a leading enterprise, sword refers to the "five hundred billion" targetreporting period, Yili in liquid milk, warm yogurt, active lactic acid bacteria and other key markets have made varying degrees of breakthroughKaidu research data show: As of June 2019, Yili room temperature liquid dairy market penetration rate of 83.9%, its penetration rate in the third and fourth-tier cities 86.2%, are ranked first in the industryAs a leading dairy industry, Yili's position in the core market is increasingly strong, and its channel penetration capability continues to increaseat the same time, during the reporting period, Yili's "Golden Classic" "Amusi" "Smooth Light" "Every addition" "Joy Day" "Golden Collar" "QiaoLez" "Chi-Lez" "Sein" "Smooth 100%" sales revenue of key products increased by 30% year-on-yearDuring the same period, sales of new products accounted for 17.4%, while e-commerce revenue increased by 31.94% year-on-yearYili continues to invest more in high-end products to meet the trend of consumer upgradingRising sales of high-end products and structural upgrading have contributed steadily to Yili's revenue growth, and have also contributed to the further improvement of the Global Health EcosystemChina Merchants Securities analyst pointed out that "as a leader in the dairy industry, Yili has a considerable advantage in channel management and brand marketing." Strategic sector diversification opens up the company's development space, Yili will move towards a world-class health food group."
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