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    Yipinhong's wholly-owned subsidiary obtained the registration certificate of bromhexine hydrochloride injection

    • Last Update: 2021-09-18
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    On September 15th, Poinsettia issued an announcement stating that its wholly-owned subsidiary Guangzhou Poinsettia had recently received the Drug Registration Certificate for Bromhexine Hydrochloride Injection approved and issued by the State Drug Administration

    According to the approved drug instructions, the company's bromhexine hydrochloride injection is used for patients with chronic bronchitis and other respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchiectasis, and silicosis who are difficult to cough up when oral administration is difficult

    Bromhexine has a strong phlegm dissolving effect
    It mainly acts on the mucus-producing cells of the trachea and bronchial mucosa, inhibits the synthesis of acidic mucopolysaccharide protein in sputum, and can break the mucin fibers in the sputum, so that the rheological characteristics of trachea and bronchial secretion are restored to normal.
    Reduced, the sputum is diluted and easy to cough up

    At present, bromhexine is included and recommended by many authoritative clinical guidelines, expert consensus and clinical path interpretation at home and abroad

    In 2019, British Thoracic Society Guideline forbronchiectasisinadults was used to remove mucus in the respiratory tract; 2010 "Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Sjogren's Syndrome"-used to improve the secretory function of exocrine glands; 2018 Edition "Clinical Pathway Interpretation" Respiratory Diseases Volume-Chronic Bronchitis Expectorant Treatment

    The 2009 Expert Consensus on Children's Respiratory Safety Drugs: Cold and Antipyretic Drugs-Mucus Regulators

    The 2013 Expert Consensus on the Standardized Diagnosis and Treatment of Children's Common Cold in China-Expectorants among common cold medicines commonly used in pediatrics

    2018 pneumoconiosis treats China expert consensus - expectorant treatment


    The approved bromhexine hydrochloride injection is declared according to the new registration classification of chemical drugs in China, and it is deemed to have passed the consistency evaluation
    According to data from Minai.
    com, the new annual sales of bromhexine in domestic urban public and county-level public hospitals will be approximately 1.
    25 billion yuan in 2020


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