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    Yuan Dongdong, associate professor of Beijing Technology and Business University: New color lake development technology empowers food health with science and technology

    • Last Update: 2022-11-25
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    "The potential health hazards of aluminum have attracted more and more attention in the food industry, resulting in the restriction or prohibition of the use of some aluminum-containing additives, such as the ban of aluminum-containing indigo lake in children's puffed foods, resulting in a blank of lake-like blue pigments in the production of this type of
    " Yuan Dongdong, associate professor and master tutor of Beijing Technology and Business University, said
    in a recent interview.

    Faced with this urgent problem, Yuan Dongdong, who has been committed to the research and development of calcium carbonate lake technology since the postdoctoral stage, said: "Rich food cannot lack colorful colors
    What we are doing is to make the presentation of food colors unfettered and presented in a healthier, safer and more colorful appearance
    We considered a healthy lake to replace the traditional lake based on aluminum hydroxide, and after a series of research, we successfully developed the indigo lake based on calcium carbonate and other common food coloring lakes, which met the needs of children's puffed food and provided technical reserves
    for the replacement of other pigmented aluminum lake.
    In addition to solving the problem of substitution of aluminum-containing lakes, calcium carbonate lakes are also an effective technology
    to improve the color stability and color rendering ability of natural pigments.
    Recently, we have applied red yeast-calcium carbonate lake to sausage-based foods, and the results fully prove this

    "The new lake production process based on calcium carbonate has the characteristics of
    easy operation, non-toxic and harmless, and easy to promote.
    The new lake particles themselves have a uniform particle size and do not require the grinding process
    of traditional lake production.
    In addition, as a new substrate for the lake, calcium carbonate itself is also a calcium supplement, giving the new lake additional health functions
    The replacement of food additives in a more natural and safer direction is an irreversible demand of the times, and it is also the mission of
    contemporary food science and technology workers.
    Yuan Dongdong emphasized


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