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    Yueyang City plans 300,000 tons of adiponitrile project signed a contract with China Chemical

    • Last Update: 2023-01-06
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    Global Coatings Network News: Recently, Yueyang City can be described as frequent actions, on the one hand, closely promote the adiponitrile project, on the other hand, sign a contract with China Chemical to lay out high-end chemical new materials, Yueyang City to caprolactam relocation and expansion project as the starting point, to build the largest petrochemical industry base
    in the central region.

    An investment of 10 billion yuan of 300,000 tons/year of adiponitrile is under negotiation

    In August this year, Liu Yong, Deputy Secretary of the Yunxi District Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Yueyang Green Chemical High-tech Zone, and his entourage successively inspected China Chemical Tianchen Qixiang New Materials Co.
    , Ltd.
    , China Tianchen Engineering Co.
    , Ltd.
    , Tianjin Institute of Eco-Environmental Sciences, Jiangsu Huachang (Group) Co.
    , Ltd.
    and its subsidiaries Huachang New Energy and Huachang Chemical Co.
    , Ltd.
    , focusing on projects such as adiponitrile, synthetic ammonia and urea

    At China Chemical Tianchen Qixiang New Materials Co.
    , Ltd.
    , Liu Yong and his entourage visited the production area, control room and finished product display area of the adiponitrile project, and learned in detail the needs
    of the project construction in terms of basic elements such as raw materials, energy consumption, and land.
    At the symposium with the relevant person in charge of China Tianchen Engineering Co.
    , Ltd.
    , Liu Yong said that Tianchen Company has sharpened a sword for ten years, and the technology of synthetic adiponitrile by butadiene method has solved the "stuck neck" problem of China's high-end polyamide new material industry chain, and the company has great development potential and good
    Yueyang Green Chemical High-tech Zone has obvious industrial advantages, convenient transportation conditions, rich chemical resources, and has absolute advantages in undertaking chemical projects, and hopes that the two sides can strengthen communication and work together to seek cooperation opportunities

    Signed a contract with China Chemical to lay out high-end chemical materials

    According to the news of China Chemical Official Weiwei on November 10, on November 10, China Chemical signed a strategic cooperation agreement
    with Yueyang City.
    According to the agreement, the two sides will cooperate in scientific and technological innovation, urban infrastructure construction, and building a high-end chemical new materials industry to achieve mutual benefit and common development

    Yueyang City has built the largest petrochemical industry base in the central region

    In Yunxi District, Yueyang City, central enterprises such as Sinopec Baling Petrochemical and Changling Refining are dominant, with a domestic market share of more than 20% of major chemical products, and the scale of petrochemical industry has entered 100 billion yuan
    As an "important town" of Hunan petrochemical industry, Yueyang takes projects such as caprolactam relocation and capacity expansion as the key starting point to build the largest petrochemical industry base
    in central China.

    To "plan" into "momentum" -

    Build green, professional and high-end parks

    In autumn, the construction site of the Baling Petrochemical Caprolactam Relocation and Expansion Project in Yunxi District was busy
    Recently, the 001 tower of the purification device of the project (hydrogen ammonia unit change gas absorption tower) was successfully lifted, which means that the core process production equipment of the project has entered the key stage of installation, and it is a step closer
    to the overall completion and production.

    The total investment is 15.
    3 billion yuan! This demonstration project, which is listed in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Natural Resources to solve the problem of "chemical encirclement of the river", is a key project of Hunan Province and Sinopec, covering an area of 2,650 mu, which is the largest project
    under construction in the province.

    "To strengthen and optimize the real economy, we must accelerate the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, enhance the core competitiveness of the modern economic system, open up new fields and new tracks for development, and constantly shape new momentum and new advantages
    for development.
    " Cao Puhua, Secretary of the Yueyang Municipal Party Committee, believes that the petrochemical industry is the biggest advantage of Yueyang's industrial development, and projects such as caprolactam can be called "the needle of the sea god"
    As the main bearing area of the petrochemical industry in the province, Yunxi District should advance according to the times, overcome difficulties, and speed up the horse, strengthen the park, do a good job in projects, optimize the ecology, and build a pilot area
    for "protecting the clear water of a river" and giving priority to ecological green development.

    Yunxi District takes the Yueyang Green Chemical High-tech Zone in Hunan as a strategic platform to promote the development of the chemical industry into the fast lane

    In line with the seven major petrochemical industrial bases in China, with a higher position and greater effort, we will accelerate the completion of the planning of 166 square kilometers control area and 31.
    48 square kilometers construction area of Yueyang Green Chemical High-tech Zone in Hunan Province, and start the construction of
    55 square kilometers of area adjustment and expansion.

    Improve the infrastructure of the park with high standards, invest more than 2 billion yuan in total, promote the construction and operation of eight service platforms such as comprehensive information services and "one enterprise, one management" online monitoring system in the park, plan and implement the construction of 18 infrastructure projects such as dangerous goods parking lots and public works islands, and achieve a leap in the quality of the
    park's carrying capacity.

    Adhere to the "hero of mu production", veto 26 large projects with large environmental risks and do not meet the requirements of regional development, raise the threshold for projects to enter the park, and formulate the "3360" standard, that is, the average mu tax is not less than 300,000 yuan, the average mu investment is not less than 3 million yuan, and the average annual output value of mu is not less than 6 million yuan, forcing enterprises to calculate the "mu production account"

    "After the company moved into the park as a whole, it eliminated the trimethylbenzene workshop equipment with low technology content and low added value, and installed a new hydrogen peroxide production device, achieving fission-type growth
    of 'unchanged employees, double efficiency, and halve pollutant discharge'.
    " The person in charge of Yueyang Revitalization Zhongshun Company introduced

    The blueprint of green, professional and high-end parks has been accelerated
    Today, the output value and tax revenue of petrochemical industry in Yueyang Green Chemical High-tech Zone in Hunan account for about 60% and 70% of the province's petrochemical industry respectively, becoming a veritable "locomotive"
    for Yueyang's economic development.

    With "points" with "surfaces" -

    Promote the integrated development of industrial chain, science and technology chain and talent chain

    Located in Yueyang Green Chemical High-tech Zone, Hunan Province, Changlian New Materials Company, more than 100 R & D personnel are engaged in the forefront of technological
    In the company's pilot and industrialization base, the equipment operates efficiently, and various independent technologies are transformed into mature products here, providing raw material guarantee
    for downstream enterprises in the industrial chain.

    "The company has nearly 20 technical products put into production, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology and providing basic raw material support
    for the extension of the propylene industry chain in Yunxi District.
    " She Xichun, chairman of Changlian New Materials, said that the company's technical products save more than 500 million yuan
    in operating costs for relevant enterprises every year.

    Relying on the support of leading demonstration "points" such as caprolactam, Yunxi District draws a panorama of the petrochemical and new material industry chain, attracts a large number of industrial projects with large investment scale, high scientific and technological content, good development potential and strong driving ability, and accelerates the creation of the whole industrial chain
    of "oil head and tail".

    Nylon spinning, engineering plastics, nylon drawing film and other downstream industry projects fell into Yunxi; 300,000 tons/year of adiponitrile with an investment of 10 billion yuan, 800,000 tons/year of acetic acid with an investment of 2.
    6 billion yuan, and other large projects have arrived; More than 30 high-quality petrochemical enterprises such as Changde New Materials and Toei Changlian have successively seized the beach.

    Jiang Chunyan, deputy secretary of the Yunxi District Party Committee and mayor of Yunxi District, introduced that Yunxi District has signed 55 new projects this year, with a signed capital of 13.
    487 billion yuan
    From January to September, the district achieved a technical industry and trade income of 123.
    6 billion yuan and a tax revenue of 9.
    851 billion yuan, a new high

    The district has built an integrated innovation system of government, academia, production, research and economy, carried out scientific research cooperation with Sichuan University, Hunan Institute of Technology and other universities, and promoted the transformation
    of scientific and technological achievements of universities in enterprises in the park.
    It has built 5 national technology research and development platforms, 16 provincial technology research and development platforms, 5 provincial enterprise technology research and development centers, 4 academician workstations and 1 postdoctoral workstation

    With "points" and "areas", industry, science and technology, talents and other multi-chain integration and innovation, bursting out strong development momentum
    Hunan Juren Chemical Technology New Materials Co.
    , Ltd.
    took the lead in realizing the industrialization of caprolactone 10,000 tons in China, breaking the foreign monopoly; Hunan Xinling Chemical and other companies focus on epoxy resin for chips, strengthen scientific research, promote independent innovation, and establish the world's largest phenol-methanol alkylation high-quality o-cresol plant

    The towering wood will have its roots! In 2025, the total income of technology, industry and trade in Yunxi District is expected to exceed 300 billion yuan, and the tax revenue will exceed 20 billion yuan

    To "subtract" to promote "plus" -

    Provide babysitting, health care and security services

    "In only 17 working days, I got the construction land planning permit, construction project planning permit, and construction project construction permit
    " The "nanny-style" service in Yunxi District made Long Shujian, the person in charge of Hunan Zeming New Materials Co.
    , Ltd.
    , feel very intimate

    Yueyang Dongfang Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co.
    , Ltd
    is the largest polymer waterproofing membrane manufacturer in China.
    With the support of Yunxi District's support policy, the company completed the construction, commissioning and production
    of the first workshop of the third phase of the project in only 103 days.

    This is a vivid portrayal
    of Yunxi District's "subtraction" of simplifying administration and delegating power and optimizing the "addition" of services.
    The district implements "nanny-style" services in advance, "health-care" services during the event, and "security-style" services after the event to help enterprises achieve stability and long-term development

    Focusing on the two key areas of project construction and enterprise start-up, the district took the lead in Yueyang City to complete the reform
    of "one thing at a time" in the whole life cycle of enterprises.
    The application materials of enterprises were streamlined by 37%, the time limit for examination and approval was reduced by 42%, and the number of runs by enterprises and the masses was reduced by more than
    50% on average.

    "From January to September this year, the company paid 45,546,600 yuan in taxes, and the average tax per mu reached 425,700 yuan
    " Zeng Lu, the person in charge of Changde New Materials Company, which is committed to the research and development, production and sales of fine chemical products, said that after entering the Yueyang Green Chemical High-tech Zone in Hunan Province, Yunxi District has implemented various policies to benefit enterprises and aid enterprises, and the efficiency of enterprises has been continuously improved

    "We treat entrepreneurs as relatives and business affairs as 'family affairs'
    " Liu Zhengren, secretary of the Yunxi District Party Committee, introduced that the district regularly carries out entrepreneur spit meetings and chat breakfast meetings, etc.
    , and breaks through the blocking points one by one from the aspects of land use, energy use, labor, logistics, taxes and fees, financing, etc.
    , and promotes enterprises to become bigger and stronger

    At present, 4 enterprises such as Zhongchuang Chemical and Juren Chemical in Yunxi District have been selected as the reserve pool of listed enterprises in the province, and the revitalization of Zhongshun and Changlian New Materials has become a national "little giant" enterprise
    The tax revenue of three enterprises, Changde New Materials, Xingchang Petrochemical and Linfeng Lithium, increased by 922%, 535% and 458% year-on-year respectively from January to September

    Li Zhi, deputy secretary of the Yueyang Municipal Party Committee and mayor, said that the city has vigorously optimized the business environment, supported Yunxi District to base itself on its location advantages and industrial foundation, focus on major projects, promote great development, give full play to the demonstration driving effect, accelerate the construction of the largest petrochemical industry base in the central region, and contribute more to the cultivation of trillion-level petrochemical industry clusters in the province

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