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    Yueyang will build a "black list" of food and drug safety

    • Last Update: 2020-05-12
    • Source: Internet
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      Red net Yueyang station June 16 (sub-station reporter Zhou Xiaoping intern Zhou Jie) will seriously violate the food drug management laws and regulations of food drug the relevant information of the production operators, responsible personnel, to the community, so that consumers choose their own safe food, to achieve the survival of the fittest Reporters yesterday from Yueyang City Food Drug Supervision Authority was informed that, in order to further strengthen the food drug safety supervision, increase the punishment of violations of laws and regulations, the implementation of the main responsibility of production operators, promote the construction of integrity system, Yueyang will introduce food drug safety "black list" management provisions.  In recent years, China's food safety management system has gradually improved, but some areas of counterfeit, illegal crime is still very serious In the recent By the State Council Food Safety Office, the Central Civilization Office and other 17 departments organized by the "Sunde law-abiding to enhance food safety governance capacity" as the theme of the 2014 National Food Safety Promotion Week activities, the relevant person in charge said that to ensure food safety, it is important to improve governance capacity, must pick up the "degovernance" and "rule of law" two major weapons.  It is reported that in the future, all food production operators and responsible personnel, pharmaceutical production operators and responsible personnel, medical equipment production operators and responsible personnel, cosmetics production operators and responsible personnel, will be included in the "black list." The information published by the "black list" includes the name, address and name of the legal representative of the illegal production operator, the main violations of the law, the results of the punishment, and the relevant information of the products involved.  Yueyang City Food and Drug Administration said that the food drug supervision and management departments will establish a "black list" database, timely escalation, reprint, to achieve information sharing From the normative behavior, people dare not break the law; (original title: Yueyang will build a "black list" of food medicine
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