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    Zhanxin launches new ECOWISE ™ CHOICE environmental resin product and launches five-year sustainable development plan process

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Zhanxin launched the new ECOWISE ™ CHOICE environmental protection resin products and launched a five-year sustainable development plan process
    Shanghai, China -June 4, 2020
    , the world's leading supplier of coating resins and additives, Zhanxin resin grandly launched a new environmental beneficial product portfolio ECOWISE ™ (Eco-Intelligence)This series of products is a milestone for Zhanxin's sustainable development and will make an outstanding contribution to the achievement of Zhan's five-year sustainable development goalswhat is ECOWISE™ CHOICE and ECOWISE™ VALUE (Eco-Choice)?ECOWISE™ all products in the choiceseries have passed the world's most stringent industry standards and eco-label assessments and are suitable for end applicationsThese products are rigorously screened to meet customer requirements for sustainable industry and regulatory requirementsIn addition to ECOWISE™CHOICE, Zhanxin is one of the leading environmental resin product developers in the industry, while providing other and significantly sustainable solutions that the company includes in ECOWISE™ VALUE and continues to expandMichela Fusco, head of sustainable operations at, explains: "The ECOWISE ™ CHOICE series is, in a sense, a changing portfolio that adapts to product evolution, escalating evaluation benchmarks and market demandsAs we continue to evaluate our product portfolio, new products will continue to be introducedIn addition, we want to help our customers meet their specific sustainable development goals by providing more PRODUCTS WITH ECOWISE ™ VALUE"
    The first ECOWISE ™ CHOICE portfolio for industrial wood
    the ECOWISE ™ CHOICE for industrial wood is designed to provide the market with a complete set of green coating technologies: widely used in cabinets, furniture, flooring, fine wood industries and special uses advanced technology includes water-based, UV, powder, formaldehyde-free solutions sustainability lies in products that improve air quality, extend durability, improve material utilization and energy efficiency, reduce paint consumption, have a higher recycling rate and a lower carbon footprint in this context, the growing interest in sustainable raw materials and resins containing renewable or recyclable ingredients has become at the heart of ECOWISE™ CHOICE selection criteria In evaluating the portfolio, Zhanxin mainly refers to the needs of industry partners such as IKEA, Nordic Swan and Green Guard "The ECOWISE ™ series is a landmark project for our sustainable portfolio management practices," said Benoit De Becker, Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at Zhanxin As the cornerstone of Zhanxin's sustainability project, it allows us to tailor our product offerings to the sustainable needs of our customers and their end markets "
    the five-year target process for sustainable development from 2019 to 2023
    sustainable development is a fundamental pillar of Zhanxin's development strategy Zhanxin set six Sustainable Development Goals in early 2019 and are beginning to bear fruit invest90% of the company's product development resources each year in projects that are environmentally beneficial Zhanxin's innovation team devotes 90% of its energy to environmentally friendly sustainability projects, using sustainability scorecards to document and measure their impact reduce non-renewable energy consumption by 15 per cent over the year Building on past successes, Zhanxin has achieved the expected energy efficiency improvements in 2019 At present, a new set of methodologies and systems has entered the evaluation stage, and Zhanxin is confident that this goal will be achieved or exceeded by 2023 by 2023, more than 40% of products will be ISO50001 certified At present, Zhanxin 27% of the products are ISO-50001 certified, very promising to achieve the 40% target develop sustainable procurement of renewable, recyclable, low-carbon materials In 2019, Zhanxin has established a database for sustainable materials and is able to evaluate target suppliers combine siuating sustainable environmental products Zhanxin has achieved significant results in the management of its sustainable product portfolio, with more than 90% of products and projects evaluated by Zhanxin's Sustainable Scorecard, and the ECOWISE ™ CHOICE series was created develop a complete waste and water consumption tracking system In 2019, Zhanxin began standardizing tracking of waste and water consumption The 2020 standard will be incorporated into the Spring Day Action program implemented by factories around the world, focusing on waste and water reduction projects in factories "The technologies and processes of Zhanxin's industrial coating resins, such as powder resins, water-based industrial resins, energy cured or high-solid resins, have been recognized as strategic directions for sustainable development," added Miguel Mant
    as, CEO of the Zhanxin Global Zhanxin has been investing and developing products that are beneficial to the environment for more than 70 years Although we have come a long way, I am pleased to see that every year our experts continue to come up with new ways to further optimize our sustainable development process This is not only to meet the interests of customers and partners, but also to create a better world "
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