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    Zhejiang continuously intercepts scientific research strains in universities without quarantine approval

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
    • Source: Internet
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    August 4 from the Zhejiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that the Bureau of Hangzhou Post Inspection Office recently from Germany, Japan mailed into the parcel of 5 batches of microbial bacteria, a total of 37, including salt-loving bacteria, desulfurization, propylene oxidizing, streptomycin and other bacteria, the recipients are researchers in Hangzhou Universityafter the recipient's investigation and understanding, the recipient because of the need to carry out scientific research projects, from abroad's bacterial preservation center to buy bacteria sent into the country for scientific research purposes, but because of the prior processing of the "special items health and quarantine approval form", belongs to the illegal mailentry without quarantine approval, inspection and quarantine departments to intercept the bacteria, and interview the recipient to inform the relevant provisions and supplement proceduresIn accordance with the State Administration of Quality Supervision And Inspection Order No160", "The State Ministry of Environmental Protection, The General Administration of Quality Inspection Of the 10th Order "Import and export of environmental protection of microbial agents environmental safety management measures", bacteria, viruses, environmental protection micro-organisms and other microorganisms belong to China's strict management of special items, before entering the country need to go through the health and quarantine approval procedures, without quarantine approval to send into the country, because of its unknown source, biological risksThese microbial species in the production, transportation, use and other processes, such as packaging, storage, improper treatment is likely to cause the spread of infectious diseases or other public health events, China's environmental ecological safety, agricultural, forestry and pharmaceutical production and human health hazardsin recent years, the internationalization of scientific research work in colleges and universities has become increasingly close, some life sciences, biological engineering, environmental resources and other fields of scientific research projects need to introduce foreign species, viruses and other microorganisms increasing, because some scientific research institutions laboratories can not meet the conditions for importand and use of such special items, as well as some researchers do not understand the process, afraid of trouble, unwilling to go through the health and quarantine approval procedures, so take illegal mailinginspection and quarantine department sedited that scientific research institutes and medical institutions, such as scientific research, teaching, testing and other needs, the need to introduce pathogenic microbial species, poison species, biological samples and other special items, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State for quarantine approval procedures, and to its strict biosafety management, to prevent the spread and spread of pathogenic microorganisms and other biological harmful factorsScientific researchers should take the initiative to establish the national biological security risk prevention and control awareness, do not take illegal mailing, carrying the way to introduce bacteriaat the same time, Zhejiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in order to support the development of the biopharmaceutical industry and the implementation of the "up to one run" reform, to facilitate scientific research personnel for special items entry and exit business, fully enable the online for the entry and exit of special items health and quarantine approval and supervision, and the development and construction of "Zhejiang biopharmaceutical special items entry and exit centralized supervision service platform", applicants can through the platform "one-stop full process" for health and quarantine approval and related cross-border logistics clearance procedures, that is, to ensure safety and convenience
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