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    Zhejiang Haiyan actively promotes smart catering supervision

    • Last Update: 2022-01-09
    • Source: Internet
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    Recently, it was learned from the Haiyan County Market Supervision Bureau of Zhejiang Province that in order to further innovate food safety supervision methods and promote the disclosure of food safety information and food processing operation process visualization of catering service units, the bureau actively promotes the construction of smart sunny kitchens and online sunny kitchens

    The bureau issued the "Haiyan County "Honesty Catering·Civilized Sea Salt" Activity Implementation Plan", requiring third-party online catering service platforms to be responsible for arranging merchants who are willing to build a sunny kitchen; banking institutions implement "Honesty Catering·Civilized Sea Salt" financial services; The technology company implements the installation and networking work; the market supervision department strengthens supervision and recommends the best
    On this basis, the bureau cooperated with Haiyan Construction Bank, Postal Savings Haiyan Bank, Zhejiang Yiyoute Testing Technology Co.
    , Ltd.
    to connect private kindergartens, online catering service third-party platforms, and online catering service providers to develop smart sunny kitchens and online sunny kitchens.
    Third-party financial service work


    As of the end of 2020, Haiyan County has completed the construction of smart sunshine kitchens in 12 private schools and the construction of online sunshine kitchens in 35 online catering service units
    Law enforcement officers have repeatedly used the supervision platform to carry out online inspections of all links in the school canteen, using AI smart capture and IoT sensing equipment to identify and warn practitioners of violations and equipment abnormalities, and promptly discover problems and implement rectification

    At the same time, through the WeChat public account to publicize the process of online sunshine kitchen, informing consumers that they can check the kitchen hygiene of the operators of the network through the Meituan and Ele.
    me platforms, and improve the operators' food safety awareness

    (Li Yanxue, Zhang Lu, reporter Cao Jigen)

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