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    Zhong Nanshan: China has a "Nanshan" 髭 is not a problem

    • Last Update: 2020-12-03
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    beijing, Sept. 8
    Xinhua Wang Zumin
    On the morning of Sept. 8, the National Congress of Recognition for the Fight against the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Zhong Nanshan, 84-year-old director of the
    National Respiratory Disease Clinical Medical Research Center of the First Hospital affiliated with Guangzhou Medical University, was awarded the Order of the Republic.
    this medal, awarded in the name of the "Republic" and representing the highest honor, Zhong Nanshan deserves it.
    that he was a "gentleman of virtue to build a country" of the country. After the outbreak of xinguan pneumonia, he as the head of the national high-level expert group on medical and prevention and control, and several other
    experts rushed to Wuhan, with the previous post in front of the working group to jointly study the situation of the epidemic, for the central decision-making reference. On January 20th, on behalf of the group of experts, he issued a warning on the "human transmission" of new crown pneumonia and "no special circumstances do not go to Wuhan". His voice in different periods of the epidemic, the guidance of epidemic prevention and control, the direction of the outbreak of research, become the hearts of the people of the "wind beacon" and "dinghai needle."
    in the face of a small number of politicians and the media outside the ulterior motives to throw out the so-called "underreporting theory", he overbearingly responded: "We do not need to explain to them, we speak with facts!" On the podium of CCTV's "First Lesson", he threw a voice: "Human life is the most important human right." We have saved so many lives, this is our greatest human rights performance! He is
    expert in the field of infectious disease prevention and control in China and the world. He has long been dedicated to the research, prevention and treatment of major respiratory infectious diseases and chronic respiratory diseases, with fruitful results and achievements. During the outbreak, he dared to speak out, emphasizing strict prevention and control, leading the writing of a new corona pneumonia diagnosis and treatment program, in the outbreak prevention and control, critical treatment, scientific research and other aspects to make outstanding contributions.
    3 September, the Co-Chairs of the WHO Expert Group on The Assessment of the Response to the New Coronary Pneumonia Outbreak announced the list of members of the Expert Group at a briefing for member countries, and Zhong Nanshan was selected and given a new identity in his early years.
    he was a soldier with a gun in front of him. During the SARS outbreak, he worked around the world in spite of his life,' said the 67-year-old, who had been out of sight for 38 hours and collapsed at work from excessive fatigue; Because the tickets were sold out during the Spring Festival, he was put in the dining car. The picture of him leaning against the back of his chair, with his eyes closed and exhausted, still makes people cry.
    he was also an approachable old man. He taught people on the Internet how to correctly remove the mask of the demo video, by netizens as both "special" and "meng", because his old partner Li Shaofen is the 1950s and 1960s women's basketball player, the same love of sports he claims to be "basketball son-in-law." In his role as the CBA director of epidemic prevention and control, he became a "star-chasing family", China's basketball greats such as several Jane, he talked about his wife of the same age shy and shy, let netizens shout: "eat the sweetest 'dog food'" ...
    His sense of mission for the people of the country, his professionalism, professional ability, medical benevolence, as well as life's strict self-discipline and leniency, so that the "idol" "male god" title is no longer limited by occupation and age - "star-chasing Zhong Nanshan" has become the consensus of the whole people.
    In Wuhan Fire God Mountain, Lei Shenshan Hospital to "China's speed" construction, netizens compared him to him, said that "Fire God Mountain, Lei Shenshan, Zhongnanshan, three 'mountain' town poison";
    Zhong Nanshan cried, Zhong Nanshan smiled, Zhong Nanshan's "Meng", Zhong Nanshan's "shy" ... Each of his micro-expressions has become a topic that netizens relish and a social media trot. In March, he was attacked by individual bad-hearted people, sparking outrage across the internet. You protect the countryman, we guard you... The people expressed their respect and love for him in their own way.
    on CCTV's "First Lesson", he also introduced the source of his name. He was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, in October 1936. Nanjing has a Zhongshan, so his father gave him the name "Zhong Nanshan", "I hope I like the mountains after the wind and rain still stand."
    now, China has a "Nanshan", andis not a problem.
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