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    Zhong Nanshan: novel coronavirus pneumonia is approved by two antibody kits.

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    China News Agency, Guangzhou, Feb

    23 (CAI Minjie) Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, held a remote consultation with Guangdong counterpart medical team of Jingzhou Medical University in Guangzhou on Feb


    Zhong Nanshan said that according to the current data, the epidemic situation in Jingzhou has begun to change

    Jingzhou should focus on the treatment of critical patients and improve the cure rate

    At the meeting, Zhong Nanshan said that the number of new cases in Hubei Province on Tuesday was 630, with the absolute number of new cases falling

    Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in 630 cases in February 22nd, from 0 to 24 in February 22nd, including 8 cases in Jingzhou

    China's novel coronavirus pneumonia has also been approved by the State Administration of drug administration, one of which is a reagent for identifying influenza, new crown pneumonia and parainfluenza, "Zhong Nan Shan said." this is a key task

    In addition, two more qualified antibody kits are approved, "one of them is Wanfu biology from Guangdong Province, both of which are colloidal gold methods, which can detect LGM antibody in patients, and can detect LGM antibody on the 7th day of infection or the 3rd day of disease, which is very helpful for further diagnosis of patients." Zhong Nanshan said

    Novel coronavirus products were novel coronavirus products from 3 enterprises, including 2 colloidal gold antibody detection reagents and 1 isothermal amplification chip detection methods, which expanded the detection methods and means of new coronavirus on the 22 day

    The approval of the China National Drug Administration was approved by the State Administration of pharmaceuticals for emergency examination on the 3 th

    A pressing matter of the moment, China's novel coronavirus pneumonia patients and influenza patients are separated, Zhong Nanshan said

    "At present, China is in a high incidence season of influenza

    It is urgent to distinguish two kinds of patients through rapid detection." Another novel coronavirus antibody test kit novel coronavirus (colloidal gold) was approved by the Guangzhou Wanfu biotechnology Limited by Share Ltd

    It is the first official approval of the new crown virus antibody spot detection reagent

    It is used for the qualitative detection of the new coronavirus IgM/IgG antibody in human serum, plasma and whole blood samples in vitro

    The operation is simple, and it can be judged in 15 minutes

    The results can provide novel coronavirus pneumonia patients with rapid detection

    The novel coronavirus antibody test includes IgM and IgG

    Positive IgM antibody indicates a recent infection, while positive IgG antibody indicates a long time of infection or a previous infection

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