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    agar agar bloom

    View news and stories of agar agar bloom. Echemi provides huge amount of agar agar bloom information to support you.
  • How are hydrolysed casein (MH) agar cultures made?

    Time of Update: 2020-10-31
    culture > beef 500g >protein 10g>NaCl 5g>pH 7.1 to 1 7.2> Take 500 grams of fresh beef, clean fat, tendons, crush or crush, add water 1000 ml soaked, 15 degrees C for 12 hours or 50 degrees C for half an hour. Use gauze
  • What is food additive agar

    Time of Update: 2017-12-21
    Agar is used as a medium for bacterial culture, food gels and textile industry.
  • The function of agar as food additive

    Time of Update: 2017-05-20
    Introduction: Agar is a kind of food additive. You know the knowledge of agar, so do you know what the food additives are?
  • Harm of agar food additive

    Time of Update: 2017-05-02
    Therefore, agar food additives are harmless to human body. However, excessive use of food additives is harmful.
  • Biologists use FFU laminar flow hood to prepare agar plate

    Time of Update: 2014-11-24
    Label this dish on the outer surface (LID) and agar type and date of preparation.
  • Application of agar in food industry

    Time of Update: 2010-03-09
    1. Fruit orange beverage -- agar is used as the suspension agent, the concentration of which is 0.01-0.05%, which can make the particles suspended evenly.
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