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    atorvastatin urination offers a wide variety of articles about atorvastatin urination, easily find your atorvastatin urination information here online.
    • Urine test is expected to be an effective means of pre renal cancer screening

      Time of Update: 2015-03-24
      Dr. Ketan badani, who works for New York Medical College, said: 'at present, we do not have a more effective screening method for renal cancer, so this study is of great significance for us.
    • Jujube and ginger can cure frequency of urination

      Time of Update: 2010-09-14
      Red jujube and ginger decoction can nourish Yang and invigorate Qi, and has a certain effect on the frequency of urination caused by deficiency of Qi and Yang.
    • Urine test for live pigs before slaughter in Hangzhou

      Time of Update: 2001-12-28
      Introduction: in order to let the public eat meat at ease, Hangzhou slaughtered live pigs implemented pre slaughter urine sample test, which effectively prevented the pig pork fed
    • Diagnosis of mad cow disease by urination

      Time of Update: 2001-11-01
      However, using the method of experts from hadassa Medical College in Israel, people can easily detect a special protease structure in urine samples, so as to infer the existence of prion protein.
    • Method of diagnosing BSE by urination

      Time of Update: 2001-07-11
      Introduction: experts from hadassar Medical College in Israel announced Tuesday that they have developed a method to diagnose mad cow disease and related new human Creutzfeldt Jakob disease with urine sample test.

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