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    biacore method

    View news and stories of biacore method. Echemi provides huge amount of biacore method information to support you.
    • Inspection method of injection

      Time of Update: 2022-06-27
      of operation>(1) The labelled filling quantity of a single-dose test product is not more than 2ml, and 5 test products (bottles) are taken, and 3 test products (bottles) are taken for those above 2ml to 50m
    • Syrup inspection method

      Time of Update: 2022-06-26
      ) This law is applicable to single-dose filling and multi-dose filling syrup inspection, with the purpose of ensuring the accuracy of the dosage . >(2) Multi-dose filled syrups shall
    • Inspection method of lotion, mixture, lozenge

      Time of Update: 2022-06-26
      4. Results and Judgment(1) The filling quantity and average filling quantity of the contents of each container shall be in accordance with the minimum filling quantity inspection method (volume method).
    • Inspection method of plaster

      Time of Update: 2022-06-26
      >>(1) Rubber paste (check according to the first method): Take 2 pieces of the test sample (35cm² for each piece with an area greater than 35cm²), remove the cover lining, accurately weigh it, place it in a glass container
    • Inspection method of plaster

      Time of Update: 2022-06-26
      as measured according to the following method . Measuring the softening point of the plaster can detect the age of the plaster and indirectly reflect the stickiness of the plaster
    • Gel inspection method

      Time of Update: 2022-06-26
      4. Results and Judgment(1) Among the 3 smears examined under the microscope, if the number of particles larger than 180um is not detected, it is judged to meet the requirements .
    • Inspection method of lotion and tea

      Time of Update: 2022-06-26
      >3. The precautions are the same as the minimum loading inspection method . >4. Results and Judgment>(1) The filling
    • Inspection method of decoction (cream) (1)

      Time of Update: 2022-06-26
      boiled cold water, and then follow the test method for determining the weight of the test product Measure the weight of water at the same temperature . >5) When using a pycnometer
    • Inspection method of decoction (paste) (2)

      Time of Update: 2022-06-26
      5. Record the balance model, the weighing data of the test product, the amount of heating water and the result of observation .
    • Inspection method of liniment and patch

      Time of Update: 2022-06-26
      Liniment>The quality requirements of liniment: Unless otherwise specified, the relative density and pH value should be checked if the solvent
    • Inspection method of glue and alcohol

      Time of Update: 2022-06-26
      > . >2. Method of operation Take 1g of the test sample, place it in a flat weighing bottle, accurately weigh it, add 2ml of water, heat it on a water bath to dissolve and then dry
    • Powder inspection method

      Time of Update: 2022-06-26
      4. Results and Judgment The test product exhibits a uniform color, without patterns and stains, and is judged to meet the requirements .
    • Aerosol inspection method (2)

      Time of Update: 2022-06-25
      Results and Judgment Check 4 bottles of the test product, and the total spray volume of each bottle is not less than 85% of the labelled volume, and it is judged as conforming to the regulations .
    • Aerosol inspection method (1)

      Time of Update: 2022-06-25
      >(1) This law is applicable to the inspection of the injection rate of non-quantitative aerosols . >(2) Non-quantitative valve aerosols
    • Inspection method of Chinese medicine spray (2)

      Time of Update: 2022-06-25
      2. Operation method Unless otherwise specified, the inhalation spray used for nebulizer shall be checked according to the relevant items of the inhalation preparation (General Rule 0111) and shall meet the requirements .
    • Inspection method of coating agent

      Time of Update: 2022-06-25
      of the original decoction pieces; if the active ingredients are clear, it should be adjusted according to the content of its semi-finished products to meet the requirements of each tincture . >
    • Test method for adhesive force of plaster (general rule 0592) (2)

      Time of Update: 2022-06-24
      Figure 15-10 The structure of the fixture and sample loading module for adhesion measurement(2) Determination method: Before the test, the plaster and patch (with packaging materials) should be placed at room temperature (18~25℃), humidity (40%~70%) and relative humidity (40%~70%).
    • Time Limit Inspection Method for TCM Preparations (General Rules 0922)

      Time of Update: 2022-06-24
      (3) Judgment of results: Unless otherwise specified, all 3 vaginal tablets should melt or disintegrate within 30 minutes and pass through the perforated metal disc, or only a small amount of soft lumps without hard cores should remain .
    • Injection related substances inspection method (General Rule 2400)

      Time of Update: 2022-06-24
      >The inspection method is as follows . >(1) Protein inspection (General Rule 2401)>1. Brief description>(1
    • Time limit inspection method for disintegration of traditional Chinese medicine preparations (General Rule 0921)

      Time of Update: 2022-06-24
      Each tablet should not have cracks, disintegration or softening; then take out the hanging basket and wash it with a small amount of water , Add 1 baffle to each tube, and then check in phosphate buffer (pH 6.

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