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    copaiba officinalis

    Your source for diversity of copaiba officinalis articles. Discover copaiba officinalis trends, innovations and developments on
    • Characters and origin of Magnolia officinalis

      Time of Update: 2022-06-17
      It is hard, not easy to break, granular in cross section, gray-brown outer layer, purple-brown or brown inner layer, oily, and some small bright stars can be seen .
    • Why is the poisonous "Cruise officinalis" in Yang Guo's body really a medicine?

      Time of Update: 2021-11-16
      can be manifested . >1. 1 Solanide>Solanide compounds are a class of ergostane C-26 carboxylic acid lactone steroids, composed of 28 carbon
    • Magnolia officinalis

      Time of Update: 2021-03-08
      Flower single branch end, with leaves. skin contains thick phenol, magnolia alcohol, alkaloid, volatile oil and other ingredients, taste and temperature, is an important Chinese herbal medicine.
    • Asparagus officinalis

      Time of Update: 2020-11-17
      /> to 4 flowers, mono sex, male and female, yellow-green; Berries spherical, 7 8 , red. Originally from Europe. There are introducing cultivation in our country. The tender stems are eaten by vegetables or canned. According to recent reports, there is a certain anti-cancer effect.
    • Ingredients and functions of Magnolia officinalis

      Time of Update: 2020-04-03
      Magnolia officinalis [chemical composition of Magnolia officinalis] mainly contains magnolol, honokiol, isomagnolol, trihydroxyhonokiol, dihydrodihydrodihydrodihydroxyhonokiol, trihydroxyhonokiol, polymagnolol-a and polymagnolol-c, as well as volatile oil and alkaloids.
    • Effect and composition of Cornus officinalis

      Time of Update: 2020-04-03
      2013-11-21 classification: efficacy, chemical composition 0 people commented that Cornus officinalis Zucc. Is the dried mature pulp of Cornus officinalis Zucc.
    • Composition and efficacy of Magnolia officinalis

      Time of Update: 2020-04-03
      Magnolia officinalis [chemical constituents of Magnolia officinalis] mainly contains magnolol, honokiol, α - cineole and β - cineole.
    • Efficacy and composition of Morinda officinalis

      Time of Update: 2020-04-03
      Photo of Morinda officinalis [chemical constituents of Morinda officinalis] mainly contains polysaccharides, anthraquinones, iridoid glycosides, lipids, amino acids, organic acids and minerals.
    • The function and identification of Alpinia officinalis

      Time of Update: 2012-10-16
      After the chemical test, the alcohol extract showed light yellow green after heating, the fluorescence reaction was brown, and the concentrated sulfuric acid reaction was colorless.
    • Progress in the study of chemical and active components of Valeriana officinalis in Kunming Institute of Botany

      Time of Update: 2011-09-14
      The study group cooperated with Yunnan Institute of medicine to screen and found that Valeriana officinalis ethanol extract has mild sedative, hypnotic and antidepressant effects.
    • UK: Magnolia officinalis extract as a new food ingredient

      Time of Update: 2010-07-01
      William Wrigley of the United States recently applied to the British Food Safety Agency for approval of Magnolia officinalis extract as a new food ingredient.

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