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    corrosion characteristics

    A variety of articles about corrosion characteristics have been classified well. It's easy to find information of corrosion characteristics you should know on
    • The anti-corrosion characteristics of the barrel chimney anti-corrosion coating are introduced.

      Time of Update: 2020-09-01
      Burning pipe inner wall, ash platform, high flue gas flow rate, flue reinforced concrete, fire-resistant brick, bulging pearl slab insulation layer, special-shaped reframing ceramic brick, acid-resistant plastic mud, acid-resistant concrete and other materials surface coating ZSAPC Zhisheng ceramic polymer anti-corrosion coating, effectively prevent corrosion of chimney flue, corrosion-resistant years can reach 20 years.
    • What are the characteristics of anti-corrosion fume hoods

      Time of Update: 2022-09-14
      What are the characteristics of the anti-corrosion fume hood Anti-corrosion fume hood is used in the laboratory, the need to discharge harmful gases, and a common laboratory equipment that needs to be cleaned and discharged during the experimental process The working principle of the anti-corrosion fume hood: water, electricity, gas, ventilation system, equipped with multi-functional power sockets, is convenient for the experimental process to try other electrical equipment.
    • Characteristics and detection methods of anti-corrosion coatings!

      Time of Update: 2021-12-25
      Since the calculation program uses the equivalent thermal resistance and thickness obtained by the iterative method, we have compared the program iteration results with the formula fitting results . After submitting the design plan, the manufacturer can calculate the actual coating thickness for construction according to the thermal conductivity coefficient of the product .
    • Characteristics and mechanism of corrosion inhibitors

      Time of Update: 2021-12-08
      No matter what kind of ions are adsorbed on the metal surface, as long as it can form a perfect adsorption film, it will inhibit the electrode reaction of the metal and slow down corrosion .
    • Ship and heavy anti-corrosion coatings show four characteristics of rapid development

      Time of Update: 2021-04-26
      The Ministry of Railways vehicle coating standards began to introduce environmentally friendly water-based paint supporting systems, and the heavy-duty anti-corrosion system adopted by the Hangzhou Bay Bridge embodies the highest international standards today.
    • Analysis of the main characteristics and coating construction of acid-base anti-corrosion coatings

      Time of Update: 2021-02-01
      China Coatings Network News: acid-base-resistant corrosive coating coating to meet the working environment acid-resistant, alkali-resistant requirements, ZS-722 acid-alkali-resistant thermal anti-corrosion coating coating temperature-resistant performance is good, with the base material matching the temperature-line expansion coefficient, not due to internal stress or thermal stress and damage to the coating.
    • The performance characteristics of fin tube thermal anti-corrosion coatings

      Time of Update: 2021-01-16
      High technical content, research and development of protective sail share coating, coating curing good coating conduction coefficient (70 degrees C) can reach 50w/m.k, coating black body thermal radiation coefficient can reach 0.922, heat exchange ratio is not Brushing acid-resistant thermal anti-corrosion coating substyl material can be improved by more than 10%, conductivity of 10-12S/m or more, that is, equivalent to the volume resistivity of 1012 sm with semiconductor-to-conductor properties of the coating.
    • The types and characteristics of commonly used anti-corrosion coatings are detailed

      Time of Update: 2020-12-16
      Perchloroethylene coating can form a dense paint film, chemical corrosion resistance is good, but the stability of light and heat is poor, long-term use should not exceed 60 degrees C, the metal adhesion is poor.
    • What are the prices and characteristics of industrial anti-corrosion coatings?

      Time of Update: 2020-11-29
      There are many kinds of water-based anti-corrosion coatings, according to the composition can generally be divided into water-based epoxy anti-corrosion coatings, water-based polyurethane anti-corrosi
    • Renovation Tips - An introduction to the detection methods and characteristics of anti-corrosion coatings

      Time of Update: 2020-11-11
      4, efficient and convenient: simple construction, the real realization of inorganic coatings at room temperature self-curing, when the ambient temperature of 20 degrees C, relative humidity is less than 85%, table dry 15min, dry 2h, can ensure high efficiency construction, can achieve excellent anti-salt fog, anti-aging.
    • Characteristics of epoxy anti-corrosion layer in single-layer structure pipe

      Time of Update: 2020-02-20
      single-layer epoxy powder anticorrosion layer was officially applied to industrial pipelines from the 1960s, the 1980s crowded into several major pipe anti-corrosion layer, since the late 1980s, its
    • Characteristic structure and performance of salt spray corrosion test chamber

      Time of Update: 2013-05-09
      The salt spray test box is also known as salt spray corrosion test chamber and spray salt spray testing machine The equipment which can simulate the salt mist dispersion environment composed of small

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