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    elix essential 3

    Echemi supplies various elix essential 3 news. It is easy to find the trends and top topics of elix essential 3 here.
    • Glacial acetic acid for industrial use (3)

      Time of Update: 2021-11-24
      , and the remaining potassium bromide-potassium bromate is measured by iodometry . >The content of formic acid is obtained from the difference between the measured values ​​of the two steps
    • Tetraethylene for Industrial Use (3)

      Time of Update: 2021-11-24
      4. 3. 4 Analysis steps>4. 3. 4. 1 Preparation of stationary phase>Weigh an appropriate
    • Oxalic acid for industrial use (3)

      Time of Update: 2021-11-23
      After cooling, add hydrochloric acid to acidify, prepare a solution of appropriate concentration with water, and measure the absorbance of the sample at the specific wavelength of iron with a flame atomic absorption spectrometer.
    • Formic acid for industrial use (3)

      Time of Update: 2021-11-23
      5. 7 Determination of chloride content>5. 7. 1 Method summary>In an acidic solution
    • Dichloromethane for industrial use (3)

      Time of Update: 2021-11-23
      If an indicator of the inspection result does not meet the requirements of this standard, the barreled product shall be sampled from twice the number of packaging units for inspection.
    • Maleic Anhydride for Industrial Use (3)

      Time of Update: 2021-11-23
      5. 4 The sampling method of maleic anhydride for industrial use shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of GB/T6679-2003 .
    • N-Butyl Acetate for Industrial Use (3)

      Time of Update: 2021-11-23
      1 LogoThe packaging container for industrial n-butyl acetate products should have a firm logo, which includes the name of the manufacturer, product name and the number of this standard.
    • Industrial Sebacic Acid (3)

      Time of Update: 2021-11-23
      . (2)In the formula: t 1 -the measured initial melting temperature or full melting temperature, ℃;t 2 —The temperature of the auxiliary thermometer, ℃;h—The height of the exposed part of the mercury column of the thermometer, measured in degrees .
    • Industrial n-butanol (3)

      Time of Update: 2021-11-20
      6. 1 Method summaryUsing phenolphthalein as an indicator, use sodium hydroxide standard titration solution to determine the acidity of the sample .
    • Industrial acetone (3)

      Time of Update: 2021-11-20
      colorimetric solution is prepared according to GB/T3143 . >4. 6. 3 Analysis steps>Inject the test sample into a 50mL colorimetric tube
    • Industrial octanol (2-ethylhexanol) (3)

      Time of Update: 2021-11-19
      After the baseline is stable, use a micro glass syringe to inject the sample, measure the peak area of ​​each component, and calculate it according to the area normalization method or the chromatographic data processor .
    • Industrial Difluorochloromethane (HCFC-22) (3)

      Time of Update: 2021-11-19
      8. 1 Method summaryUnder acidic conditions, the chloride in the sample reacts with a saturated silver nitrate solution to produce silver chloride precipitation, and the test passes if no turbidity is observed .
    • Industrial difluorodichloromethane (F12) (3)

      Time of Update: 2021-11-19
      3. 4 If one of the test results does not meet this standard, it shall be re-inspected from twice the volume of the packaging unit (steel cylinder) sample .
    • Pentaerythritol for industrial use (3)

      Time of Update: 2021-11-18
      Under the selected chromatographic working conditions, the silylated derivatives are vaporized and passed through the chromatographic column to separate the components, detected by a hydrogen flame ionization detector, and quantified by the area normalization method .
    • The production capacity will increase by 50% in the next 3 years. The development of caprolactam depends on these 5 major directions

      Time of Update: 2021-11-18
      Domestic demand continues to increase   In recent years, with the rapid development of my country's nylon yarn, cord fabric, polyamide engineering plastics and other industries, the demand for caprolactam has continued to increase.
    • 3 tips to prevent color change in paint

      Time of Update: 2021-11-18
      Second, after varnish is combined with certain substances, it will change color when placed in iron or metal containers.
    • Industrial isopropanol (3)

      Time of Update: 2021-11-18
      Use a glass syringe to inject the sample, and adjust the sample volume according to the water content of the laboratory sample .
    • Industrial formaldehyde solution (3)

      Time of Update: 2021-11-17
      3. 1 PrincipleUsing bromothymol blue as an indicator, titrate the organic acid in the sample with sodium hydroxide standard titration solution .
    • Industrial hexamethylenetetramine (3)

      Time of Update: 2021-11-17
      />. >Preparation of standard turbidity solution: Pipette 0. 2mL of chloride standard solution into a 50mL colorimetric tube, add 20mL of water, 1mL of nitric acid solution, 0. 2mL
    • Industrial Melamine (3)

      Time of Update: 2021-11-17
      1 Method summaryIn the sublimation device, the sample is heated under negative pressure, and after the melamine is completely sublimed, the residue is weighed , and the purity of the melamine is measured .

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