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    Free access to latest en 228 fuel news. Echemi provides a lot of different insights into en 228 fuel.
  • How the fuel ethanol industry can operate more standardizedly

    Time of Update: 2020-11-18
    Since then, fuel ethanol project construction boom, disorderly competition in the industry, if allowed to develop, will bring two harms China.
  • Activation Tagging Using the Maize En-I Transposon System for the Identification of Abiotic Stress Resistance Genes in Arabidopsis

    Time of Update: 2020-11-18
    An activation tag (ATag) library of 800 lines was generated in Arabidopsis ecotype Columbia using theEn-I ( Spm ) transposon system.
  • Graphite coating: Solar hydrogen fuel is one step closer

    Time of Update: 2020-11-12
    Most electricity is made from burning methane, so researchers at the University of Bath are developing new solar cells that use light energy directly to break down water.
  • Activation Tagging with En/Spm-I /dSpm Transposons in Arabidopsis

    Time of Update: 2020-11-07
    It has been applied using T- DNA or transposons. En / Spm-I / dSpm engineered transposons are efficient Activation tags inArabidopsis .
  • Fuel loss? Insulation paint helps you "lock in" the heat!

    Time of Update: 2020-11-05
    of the object, can be reflected insulation for thermal insulation. reflective insulation coating mainly with hollow microbeads, aluminum powder, titanium dioxide, ZnO and other reflective bone or filler as powder, through adhesive and tight bonding
  • Haihong Old Man's new Hempaguard MaX coating system helps push the fuel efficiency limit

    Time of Update: 2020-11-02
    reduced in-drying time with fuel consumption to offset coating costs and in . Hempaguard MaX system also significantly reduces fuel consumption, flexing vessels' navigational flexibility to maximize efficiency and reduce
  • Flexible polyurethanes, renewable fuels and seasonings in microalgae oil waste streams.

    Time of Update: 2020-10-09
    A new study aims to develop a scalable method for producing microalgae polyols for polyurethane synthesis from waste oil derived from algae biomass.
  • Clinical CRO Fang en medicine changed its name to Kun Yu.

    Time of Update: 2020-09-26
    Fang En Pharmaceuticals ("Fang En") and its group of companies are now officially renamed Kun Yu Pharmaceuticals ("Kunnong"), which is named ClinChoice Inc. in English. Kunxuan is a global clinical contract research organization ("CRO
  • Slc12a8 transport protein: Discover a new path for cell fuel delivery.

    Time of Update: 2020-08-06
    A transporter protein called Slc12a8 plays an important role in the cell energy supply chain, delivering fuel needed for cell metabolism directly into cells, researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine said in a paper published
  • JAMA Surg: The risk of readmission after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery is an important reason for its low cost effectiveness.

    Time of Update: 2020-07-29
    !---- The cost-effectiveness of roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) has been controversial, with researchers recently examining the use and spending of health insurance for five years after patients received RYGB The population cohort study
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