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    Check the news of euro cns. Find top topics, trends and opinion of euro cns you need on
  • Behind cnS market expansion: Roche is expected to surpass Novarovan with two products

    Time of Update: 2021-01-10
    lost patent protection and is expected to see sales plummet to $2.6 billion by 2025. 2 , Central Nervous System Products by Sales. forecast sales for 2019 and b, forecast sales for 2025. source: Evaluate Pharma, July 2020
  • PPG has bought Tikkurila, a Nordic paint company, for 1.1 billion euros

    Time of Update: 2021-01-01
    "We will combine Tikkurila's high-quality eco-friendly decorative products and distribution capabilities in these countries with PPG's highly respected industrial and protective coatings to provide customers with more paint and coating options.
  • Euro Radio: Use CT texture analysis to discover the post-treatment response to liver cell liver cancer TACE!

    Time of Update: 2020-12-22
    Objective: To study the feasibility of accurately predicting the response of liver cancer to transductive arterial chemotherapy embolism (TACE) based on the nested multiparase decision tree model based on tumor size and pre-treatment CT texture parameters.
  • Euro Radio: A new review of assessing pancreatic lesions using imaging histology

    Time of Update: 2020-12-22
    Objective: To systematically review published research on pancreatic imaging histology. : This retrospective study is searched in the MEDLINE database. including the application of imaging histology to pancreatic diseases in human studies
  • WACKER plans to invest 100 million euros to expand its silicone rubber production capacity

    Time of Update: 2020-11-30
    Chemical Group plans to expand the production capacity of liquid silicone rubber, high temperature and room temperature cured silicone rubber and thermally conductive silicone mixtures in 2019 in Borghausen (Germany), Adrian (Michigan, U.S.) and Zhangjiagang (China).
  • Finland plans to provide a subsidy of 7 million euros to biodiesel plants

    Time of Update: 2020-11-22
    develop technology to produce bio fuel from wood chips and build a demonstration plant in Varkaus, Finland, scheduled to open in 2008. >
    : Mexico plans to encourage the production of biodiesel from crops Next: The U.S. New Energy Act will support corn and soybean prices in the
  • Ukip 2018 results: 3 billion euros for sale of methyl acrylic business

    Time of Update: 2020-11-19
    nutrition and consumer chemicals segment: 's full-year sales rose 3 per cent to EUR 4.65 billion due to higher production and sales prices due to increased global demand.
  • Ukip is selling its methyl acrylic business for 3 billion euros

    Time of Update: 2020-11-18
    On March 4th, local time, German specialty chemicals company Win signed a deal with Advent International to sell its methyl acrylates business for 3 billion euros.
  • Interpretation of important research results published by Chinese scientists on CNS! (August-October 2020)

    Time of Update: 2020-11-09
    Source: NIAID RML(1) Cell: Chinese scientists have structurally revealed that BD-368-2 antibodies can effectively treat hamsters severely infected with the new coronavirus doi:10.1016/j.cell.2020.09.035 To understand how strong-acting and antibodies
  • BioNTech received a new grant of 375 million euros to accelerate the development of the new crown vaccine

    Time of Update: 2020-11-02
    of Education and Research (BMBF) to support the accelerated development of its COVID-19 vaccine. BioNTech hopes to use the money to support its mRNA BNT162 vaccine program, developed in partnership with Pfizer. BMBF's real money is supported
  • In 2014, 13 projects of CNS-DSM Special Research Fund came to the fore.

    Time of Update: 2020-10-25
    the 2014 CNS-DSM Special Research Fund tender began in late March 2014 and ended on July 10, 2014, and received 83 applications for projects from 22 provinces and municipalities, with 62 valid applications.
  • BASF's 3.17 billion euro sale of its chemical building materials business.

    Time of Update: 2020-10-24
    On December 21st BASF signed an acquisition agreement with an affiliate of Lone Star, a global private equity firm, for BASF's Chemical Building Materials division.
  • CNS Celebrates World Breastfeeding Week

    Time of Update: 2020-10-24
    " Breastfeeding is conducive to infant health and produces a far-reaching influence into adulthood as well," said Professor Wang Zhixu, deputy-director of the maternal and child nutrition branch of the CNS.
  • The evaluation of CNS-DSM Special Research Fund was successfully completed in 2016.

    Time of Update: 2020-10-23
    Among them, "intervention research on the health effects of middle-risk groups in middle age" has become the hot spot of this year's bidding, and the number of valid applications in this direction accounts for 55% of the total.
  • Targeting a new nanoantibody for ADAMTS5 osteoarthritis, Merck awarded it to Novartis for 50 million euros.

    Time of Update: 2020-10-21
    Merck KGaA has signed a licensing agreement with Novartis to develop clinical studies of osteoarthritis drugs.
  • Acta Neuropathologica: The molecular characteristics of CNS sub-neurothroids determine that horsetail sub-neurothroids are a unique tumor entity.

    Time of Update: 2020-10-04
    results compared with abdomen, chest, head and neck side neuroblastoma, the data in this paper show that CCEP is an independent tumor entity with unique molecular, tissue pathology and clinical characteristics.
  • Nat Commun: CNS Tumor Immunology Microeconviral Analysis Reveals Anti-Tumor Immunity Correlation.

    Time of Update: 2020-09-23
    of tumor immune micro-environment (TIME) is a key determinant of tumor-immune interaction.
  • Global Coatings Market Report 2014-2015: Value of nearly 100 billion euros.

    Time of Update: 2020-09-14
    China Coatings Network : India and China drive global demand for the coatings market In 2014, global production of coatings reached about 38 million tons, with an output value of nearly 100 billion euros. Unlike earlier
  • CNS Neurosci Ther: Brain cells communicate with each other during a stroke.

    Time of Update: 2020-08-27
    these findings provide important advances in the broad correlation between neuron cell survival, brain function, especially stroke and neurodegenerative diseases.
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