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    homer protein

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    Key Words: Protein shape - hydrodynamics - gel filtration - sedimentation - electron microscopy

    Most proteins fold into globular domains.
  •  Serum protein polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.

    Time of Update: 2020-10-27
    > the lower layer is the separator, the total concentration of this layer gel is 7.5%, is a small hole gel, also with Tris-HCl buffer, pH8.9.
  • Leap Bio has developed two potential "first-in-class" protein degradation agents.

    Time of Update: 2020-10-27
    Screenshot Source: ACS Regency Bio is an emerging biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing the world's first targeted protein degradation drug for the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases that lack effective therapies.
  • Can protein supplements lose weight and gain muscle?

    Time of Update: 2020-10-27
    In 2013, U.S. researchers reviewed previous studies and found no evidence to support the hypothesis that extra protein intake increases strength or muscle mass.
  • mRNA is a direct template for synthetic proteins.

    Time of Update: 2020-10-27
    The cryptics UAA, UAG, UGA are termination codes made up of peptide chains and do not represent any amino acids that exist individually or jointly at the end of mRNA3'.
  • Protein coloration reaction - 茚 tricetone reaction experiment.

    Time of Update: 2020-10-27
    Experimental Principle: In weak acid conditions (pH5-7), protein or amino acids and tritone co-heating, can produce blue-purple shrink.
  • Separation of proteins of different molecular weights - gel column layering method.

    Time of Update: 2020-10-26
    Centrifugation (300r/m) 5 minutes, discard the liquid, precipitation with 95% ethanol wash 2 times, the resulting precipitation with 1mL distilled water dissolved, that is, DNP-fish essence protein solution, spare.
  • The structure and function of several important types of protein molecules mediated by single trans-membrane conductor signal transductivity.

    Time of Update: 2020-10-26
    In unstilled cells, MAPK is stationary, and when it receives the phosphatation regulatory signal of the upstream molecule MAPKK (MAp Kinase Kinase), the adjacent suline and tyrosine in mapK are phosphatized, thus becoming the active form of MAPK.
  • The precipitation reaction of proteins.

    Time of Update: 2020-10-26
    Some organic acid precipitation proteins take 1 test tube, add 2 ml of protein solution, add 1 ml of tricloste solution, oscillate test tube, observe the precipitation generation.
  • Protein translation and processing modification.

    Time of Update: 2020-10-26
    In short, "molecular bridesmaids" protein synthesis folded into the correct spatial structure plays an important role, for most proteins, peptide chain translation after the following different ways of processing modification to have physiological functions.
  • Protein complexity (v) - Protein complexity.

    Time of Update: 2020-10-26
    very low due to the large number of misfolding and polymerization between protein molecules. The reason is that although the three-dimensional structure of protein is determined by its amino acid sequence, the process of stretching peptide chains
  • Protein coloration reaction - mouth reaction experiment.

    Time of Update: 2020-10-26
    Add 1 ml of protein solution to test tube , add 10% NaOH solution 0.5 ml, 0.2% α-phenol 2 drops, mix and then add 2 drops of sodium bromate solution, observe the phenomenon 2.
  • The experimental step of measuring protein molecular weight by gel layering method.

    Time of Update: 2020-10-26
    , the glue surface to be collected rises to about 5 cm away from the top of the column when the stop loading column, close the outlet. The mounting column requires continuous, uniform, bubble-free, and no "pattern". is connected to the constant
  • Protein isoelectrelectring.

    Time of Update: 2020-10-26
    Isoelectric point determination the following table order in each tube to add protein glue, and accurately add distilled water and various concentrations of acetic acid solution, immediately after the addition of shake.
  • About membrane protein and membrane lipid dissolution.

    Time of Update: 2020-10-25
    centrifugation, the precipitation should be ER But I tried a different buffer to rehang, the effect is not very good, even 2X electrophoresis buffer (containing 1% SDS ) can not make the precipitation fully dissolved, can see there is a piece
  • Protein concentration determination - ultraviolet absorption.

    Time of Update: 2020-10-25
    The interference between nucleic acids and protein concentration determination can be corrected by using 280/260 absorption difference method.
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