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    rnase activity assay

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    Ideas for investigations with this system
  • Sichuan actively promotes the pilot exploration of the giant panda national park system

    Time of Update: 2021-02-26
    first giant panda conservation-oriented Wolong Reserve in 1963, Sichuan has established 46 giant panda nature reserves, and wild pandas and panda habitats have been effectively protected in nature reserves. Tan Yingchun, 51, a conservation
  • Imcyse completed a 35 million euro financing to develop active-specific immunotherapy

    Time of Update: 2021-02-26
    for the treatment of type 1 diabetes; Imcyse is an active-specific immunotherapy company based in Belgium that treats and prevents serious chronic diseases. The company treats autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes, multiple
  • Highly active cell inoculation corneal lenses are expected to "re-build" the retina

    Time of Update: 2021-02-26
    , Beijing, July 17 (Reporter Li Wei) elderly macular degeneration, retinal pigment degeneration and other retinal degenerative diseases, so far there is no effective treatment, is recognized as a "vision killer." Professor Chen Jiansu
  • Human fiber lysase primary activator inhibitor (PAI) enzyme-linked immunoassior analysis

    Time of Update: 2021-02-26
    of HRP enzyme, and into the final yellow with the effect of acid. The depth of the color is positively related < the ">" < ">" The absorbance was measured at
  • SCIENCE: Yang Shengyong/Rai Jian and/Zheng Yongyong have collaborated to find SARS-CoV-2 Mpro inhibitors with antiviral activity

    Time of Update: 2021-02-25
    all compounds inhibit the activity of SARS-CoV-2 Mpro in-body, with IC50 values between 7.6 and 748.5 nM.
  • Human activities gave birth to an all-male Asian elephant herd

    Time of Update: 2021-02-25
    The findings suggest that the formation of young male Asian elephant groups may be an adaptation to improve reproductive adaptability in resource-rich areas at high risk of exposure to humans.
  • DGK Assay

    Time of Update: 2021-02-25
    ---> This step is only necessary if the lipid is not readily "going into solution." 7) Add 70 µl of reaction mixture to each sample and vortex vigorously.
  • Capillary DNA-Protein Mobility Shift Assay

    Time of Update: 2021-02-25
    Although all cells in the organism contain the same genetic “blueprint,” this information is utilized in a highly selective and specific manner.
  • Into the social building materials store "WeChat customers" gradually active

    Time of Update: 2021-02-25
    code or find a public account number can pay, convenient and fast, even in the evening can also browse through The WeChat client, the preferred immediately place an order. Mr. Zhang's payment for WeChat to buy paint is also a light car familiar road
  • Enumeration of Bacteriophages Using the Small Drop Plaque Assay System

    Time of Update: 2021-02-24
    The determination of the concentration of infectious phage particles is fundamental to many protocols in phage biology, genetics, and molecular biology. Described here is a drop plaque assay, which, being simpler, faster and more
  • Tender: Waterproofing project on the roof of the comprehensive building of Xi'an Old Cadre Activity Center

    Time of Update: 2021-02-24
    in the negotiations. , project name: Xi'an old cadres activity center integrated roof waterproofing project II, procurement project number: XCZX2014-0099-4 ,2014 (2014) 4932) III, Buyer's Name: Xi'an Old Cadre Activity Center
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