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    target database

    Dig into the news of target database. Discover information that you didn't know about target database on
    • Evaluation of drug molecular target database

      Time of Update: 2016-01-15
      According to the world cancer report in 2012, there are about 14 million new cases of cancer and 8 million deaths every year The new cases in China account for 22% of the new cases in the world, and t
    • Guiding experts around the development of drug molecular target database

      Time of Update: 2015-04-29
      In recent years, molecular target therapy and molecular target therapy have gradually become the main direction of the research and development of anti-tumor drugs, and researchers and drug users need
    • Protein degradation targets the chimera database PROTAC-DB 2.0

      Time of Update: 2022-11-15
      1093/nar/gkac946/6775390 Proteolytic targeting chimera (PROTAC) is an emerging drug therapy that mediates the interaction between the target protein and E3 ubiquitin ligase and passes through ubiquitin - The proteasome system achieves specific degradation of the target protein.

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