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    vacuum processing

    Your source for the latest vacuum processing articles. Follow vacuum processing trends, innovations and developments on
    • Application of vacuum centrifuge concentrator process in health food production

      Time of Update: 2022-09-21
      It is the main equipment used in vacuum concentration method, and there are three models of ZLS-1, ZLS-2 and ZLS-3Evaporation is the process of heating and boiling a dilute solution, vaporizing the solvent and concentrating the solution.
    • Application of vacuum drying oven in food processing

      Time of Update: 2022-08-20
      It is based on the fact that the boiling point of water drops in a vacuum state, and the low temperature can quickly evaporate the water contained in the material, so as to prevent the loss of nutrients in the food due to high temperature, At the same time, the drying rate of the vacuum oven can be greatly improved .
    • Detailed explanation of resin vacuum introduction process

      Time of Update: 2022-01-07
      Vacuum bag auxiliary materialVacuum bag film Vacuum sealing tape (ie, sealing tape or putty tape)Diversion net Release cloth Air felt (if you don't have a resin collector) Spiral tube PVC vacuum tubePaper tape or pressure sensitive tape MaterialRelease agent (release wax, PVA or chemical release agent)Reinforcement, such as diversion felt, chopped strand mat or glass fiber clothVacuum diversion resin Step by step guide 01 Prepare the mold surface Mold release agent should be used on the mold surface .
    • Jinling Petrochemical No. 2 Atmospheric and Vacuum Unit Optimized Process to Save Energy and Reduce Consumption

      Time of Update: 2021-09-08
      2 atmospheric and vacuum unit through optimizing the process, upgrading the heating furnace control system, retrofitting the air preheater and other measures, energy saving and consumption reduction are obvious, the efficiency of the heating furnace is increased by 1.
    • Vacuum-Microwave Combination for Processing Plant Tissues for Electron Microscopy

      Time of Update: 2021-03-06
      The vacuole is a membrane-bound, fluid-filled sac that typically occupies more than 80% of the cell volume (Fig. 1 ). The plastids are double-membrane-bound organelles, which, like the vacuole, occupy a large percentage of cell volume (Fig. 1 ).
    • Lightweight bus components are produced using foam resin and vacuum expansion processes

      Time of Update: 2020-12-25
      the design of the components and the performance requirements of the final application, this foam resin vacuum expansion process (VEX technology) allows the manufacture of large components up to 2m×6m.
    • Common vacuum pump safe operation process

      Time of Update: 2020-11-15
      2, the operation of the unit start-up operation: on the main power switch, the main power LED on, put the control mode in the manual or automatic position, press the control power button, the light light (vacuum pump, booster pump and emergency stop button should be reset, otherwise the control power button can not be switched on), such as the power supply sequence error yellow light on, need to be replaced.
    • Coating process: UV curing vacuum coating

      Time of Update: 2020-04-03
      Core tips: 1 Introduction The uv-89 UV curing vacuum coating developed in this paper is a technical update of the traditional heating drying vacuum iron film coating It has the characteristics of rapi
    • Brief introduction of freezing process of vacuum freeze dryer in laboratory

      Time of Update: 2019-10-30
      Freeze drying is a technology of drying by using the principle of sublimation It is a process of rapidly freezing the dried material at low temperature, and then sublimating the frozen water molecules
    • How to use the vacuum emulsifying machine to process cosmetics?

      Time of Update: 2019-07-22
      How to use the vacuum emulsifying machine to process cosmetics? In the process of emulsification, the choice of emulsifying equipment and emulsifier will directly affect the result of emulsification W
    • Microwave vacuum dryer manufacturers upgrade the secrets of the process!

      Time of Update: 2019-05-25
      The so-called vacuum drying refers to the technology of heating and drying the dried materials under vacuum conditions Vacuum dryer equipment can be used for low-temperature drying of heat sensitive m
    • The test process of the drug vacuum bottle sealing detector

      Time of Update: 2017-12-11
      The test process of the drug vacuum bottle sealing tester sealing tester: with the increasing wealth of material life, people's requirements for commodity packaging are not only to protect the goods f
    • Operation process of circulating water vacuum pump

      Time of Update: 2014-09-01
      1 Usage: open the upper cover of the water tank and inject clean cold water The water level shall be slightly lower than the overflow nozzle Connect the power plug, turn on the start switch, and the p
    • Drying process of vacuum dryer

      Time of Update: 2013-06-05
      As for the word "drying", I believe everyone is familiar with it No matter in our daily life or in the industry around us, we will use this processing process Take the food processing related to our l
    • Use process of vacuum dryer

      Time of Update: 2013-05-27
      The vacuum dryer direct heating also provides a gas exchange function, which is also treated for use in non oxidizing atmospheres, such as nitrogen, which will meet the requirements of baking, defoami

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