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    10 million tons of production capacity will be released within two years!

    • Last Update: 2022-10-06
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    Ethylene is known as the "mother of petrochemical industry" and is the basic raw material of petrochemical industry.

    Central enterprises set off a wave of expansion

    Central enterprises set off a wave of expansion

    On March 22, Sinopec and Hunan Province signed a cooperation framework agreement on the ethylene refining and chemical integration project in Yueyang, jointly opening a new chapter of enterprise-local cooperation

    On March 16th, Tianjin Nangang Ethylene Project "National Four" units started construction.

    Saudi Aramco announced on March 10 that it has made a final investment decision and will cooperate with North Industries Group Corporation and Liaoning Panjin Xincheng Group to develop a large-scale integrated refining and chemical complex in northeastern China

    On the same day, Fujian Zhongsha Petrochemical Co.

    Not long ago, in the "List of Major Provincial Projects in 2022" issued by Jiangsu Province, the comprehensive utilization of light hydrocarbons and new material transformation projects of Nanjing Yangzi Petrochemical Co.

    On February 8, the transformation and upgrading project of PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical Company, one of the key projects in the "14th Five-Year Plan" of PetroChina and Jilin Province, was launched in Jilin City

    10 million tons of new production capacity will be put into operation within two years

    Although the newly added production capacity has set a historical record, the degree of external dependence is still high

    China's ethylene consumption structure is diversified

    From 2022 to 2023, 12 sets of new ethylene plants will be put on the market in China, with an additional capacity of nearly 10 million tons per year

    With the accelerated entry of large private refining and chemical companies such as Zhejiang Petrochemical, Shenghong Refinery and Hengli Petrochemical, the market share of "two barrels of oil" has been gradually eroded.

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