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    Is yogurt alkaline or acidic?

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
    • Source: Internet
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    In addition to rich in calcium, yogurt is also a rich source of protein, vitamin D and D and other nutrients

    Like many fermented foods, yogurt itself is acidic

    The pH of neutral substances (no acid, no alkali) such as pure fresh water refers to 7

    If a substance has a pH value of more than 7, it is considered alkaline, while a substance with a pH value of less than 7 is acidic

    Milk is generally considered to be alkaline, but is actually slightly acidic

    Depending on the mode of production, the pH of milk is usually between 6.3 and 8.5

    On the other hand, yoghurt is processed with beneficial bacteria and milk, so it is naturally more sour than milk

    This is because probiotics convert lactose to lactate, increasing the acidity of the final product

    Lactobacillus acidophilus is the most commonly used bacteria to produce yoghurt, with a pH value of 4

    The average pH of yogurt is about 4.4

    Yogurt has high nutritional value and is rich in probiotics, so it is good for health

    Although acidic, carbon does not affect health

    Generally speaking, healthy people will not have any adverse reactions when they eat this kind of food with pH

    However, for people who often have heartburn or acid reflux, acidic foods are annoying

    Although heartburn and acid reflux are often associated with many non dietary causes, some people who eat certain foods can induce or aggravate the disease

    This includes acidic foods such as citrus fruits and fresh tomatoes

    Because yogurt is also acidic, it can also cause heartburn in some people

    However, because fat is also one of the triggers of gastric acid reflux, health experts often recommend low-fat dairy products for people who follow the gastric acid reflux diet

    When it comes to the acidity and alkalinity of food, it sometimes represents something other than pH

    In the theory of acid-base diet, these words also refer to the acid or alkaline substances produced when food is metabolized

    In other words, eating a diet that contains a lot of raw acid can make your body more acidic

    Based on this theory, if the refined grains and sugar in the diet are high, but the vegetables are small, a lot of acid will be produced

    Proponents of this diet theory believe that it is better for health to eat more alkaline foods

    The theory also suggests that most vegetables and many fruits are alkaline, while all meat and most dairy products are acidic

    The pH value of food itself does not determine whether it is metabolized to acidic or alkaline substances

    Lemons, for example, are highly acidic but are considered to be highly alkaline

    Pure yoghurt is usually considered as acid food, while sugar yoghurt is often considered as medium or high acid food

    In addition, the theory of acid-base diet holds that eating too much acid producing food will lead to slight and chronic metabolic acidosis or acid accumulation in body fluids

    Although this may occur when type 1 diabetes is out of control, poor renal function or liver failure is not the cause of metabolic acidosis

    Although yogurt is acidic and is considered to be an acid food, eating yogurt does not lead to acid-base imbalance in the body

    This is because a healthy body has the ability to control its liquid pH when absorbing and metabolizing nutrients.
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