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    • Endoscopic transnasal or transorbital approach for lesions in the petrous apex

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      of the Department of Neurosurgery, Samsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, South Korea, analyzed the efficacy of endoscopic transnasal (EEA) or transorbital approach (TOA) resection in patients with lesions in the rock apex area, and the results were published online in J Neurosurg in August 2021.
    • Molecular basis and treatment of high-grade glioma in children

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      Conclusion of the study Finally, the authors note that the review explains the pathogenesis of high-grade gliomas in children from the perspective of genetic mutation and epigenetics; Taking specific mutations as the entry point for pHGG research can help improve clinical treatment decisions and is expected to realize individualized treatment of pHGG patients.
    • Endoscopic transorbital approach resection of intraaxial lesions in the medial temporal lobe

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      Research methods The authors used 0° endoscopy to endoscopic dissection of four adult cadaver specimens to reach the medial temporal lobe region via orbital approach. Research methods The authors used 0° endoscopy to endoscopic dissection of four adult cadaver specimens to reach the medial temporal lobe region via orbital approach.
    • Choline kinase α2 acts as a protein kinase to promote the lipolysis of lipid droplets

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      Study results Finally, the authors conducted experiments on cell biology and nude mice and found that the cytostatic effect induced by PLIN2/3 phosphorylation defects is the result of lipolysis and decreased fatty acid production, rather than lipid accumulation.
    • Relationship between body mass index and risk of glioma

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      Conclusion of the study In summary, there may be a nonlinear association between BMI and the risk of glioma in male patients. Conclusion of the study In summary, there may be a nonlinear association between BMI and the risk of glioma in male patients.
    • The sickle meningiomas were removed posterior to the cerebral sickle approach after the anterior wedge of the interhemispheric corpus callosum

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      Emrah Celtikci, Department of Neurosurgery, Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pennsylvania, USA, proposed another supratentorial approach for the resection of sickle meningioma, that is, the interhemispheric wedge anterior corpus callosum after the brain sickle approach through anatomical, imaging and clinical studies.
    • Construction of cerebellar white matter profiles of cognitive and motor deficits after tumor resection

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      Study results The authors mapped the symptom maps of cognitive and motor deficits in children who survived cerebellar tumors to the structure map of cerebellar white matter, and observed that their cognitive, motor and executive dysfunction were associated with the superior foot nucleus (SCP), the deep cerebellar nucleus, including the intermediate nucleus (IN), the parietal nucleus (FN), the ventral medial dentate nucleus (DN), and the inferior vermis (VIIIa, VIIIB, IX, X cranial nerves).
    • Gliomas grow aggressively along the white matter tract

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      Research methods Invasive growth of glioma cells is mostly distributed along some specific anatomical structures, including perivascular spaces and white matter nerve fibers, and some glioma cells can travel along white matter nerve fibers to brain tissue 3-5 cm from the glioma margin, and even enter the contralateral brain tissue through the corpus callosum.
    • Circulating miR-497 and miR-219 assist in the diagnostic grading of meningioma

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      Research methods The authors collected serum samples from 74 patients with meningioma, including 25 WHO-I, 25 WHO-II, and 24 WHO-III, as well as 53 healthy controls, to evaluate the relationship between miR-497 levels in serum and exosomes and meningioma-grading diagnosis.
    • Long-term follow-up of boron neutron capture therapy for recurrent malignant meningioma

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      Study results The researchers evaluated tumor size, overall survival (OS) and progression-free survival (PFS) after BNCT, and the reasons for treatment failure in 44 patients. Study results The researchers evaluated tumor size, overall survival (OS) and progression-free survival (PFS) after BNCT, and the reasons for treatment failure in 44 patients.
    • CMI(IF=22) Shu Hongbing/Hu Mingming of Wuhan University collaborated to reveal the regulatory mechanism of epinephrine on innate antiviral response

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      Viral infection downregulates epinephrine/norepinephrine and its receptors (Diagram from Cellular & Molecular Immunology) Studies have shown that adrenaline and norepinephrine secreted by the adrenal glands and nerve endings bind to the receptor ADRB1/2 and activate the downstream kinase PKA in the uninfected state 。 PKA phosphorylates the innate immune signaling protein VISA at the T54 site after RNA virus infection and MITA at the S241, S243, and T263 sites after DNA virus infection.
    • Vaccination and infection with Omicron once can prevent superinfection in the long term

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      1016/S1473-3099(22) 00833-7 Open reprint, welcome to forward to Moments and WeChat groups Written byWang CongEditorWang DuoyuTypesettingWater writingOn January 5, 2023, researchers from the University of Lisbon in Portugal published a paper in The Lancet Infectious Diseases entitled Stability of hybrid versus vaccine immunity against BA.
    • Are rheumatologists afraid of pneumonia? Unafraid! Just do these things well

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      China's vaccination of the new crown vaccine recommends rheumatic immunological drugs that need to adjust the treatment planIf the routine medication of rheumatology patients needs to be adjusted, the decision should be made after consultation with the doctor in charge, and the principle is: maintain the medication regimen that stabilizes the condition before infection to avoid mutations in disease activity and adverse consequences of aggravation of the disease.
    • Recent advances in the clinical application of CAR-Treg therapy in 8 autoimmune diseases

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      In addition, multiple preclinical studies have shown that CAR-Tregs can inhibit the production of FVIII antibodies, and antigen-specific CAR-Tregs has proven to be a successful treatment for regulating coagulation factors related.
    • 6 consecutive articles on Lancet RH, JAMA Netw Open, Sci Adv and STTT, making new progress in the research of rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogren's syndrome

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      Facing clinical needs and focusing on the international frontier, Li Zhanguo's team from Peking University People's Hospital has published 6 papers on the mechanism and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogren's syndrome in first-class journals such as Lancet RH, JAMA Network Open, and Science Advances.
    • How can rheumatism patients prevent and treat the new crown? Experts teach you these 8 tricks!

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      *For medical professionals onlyRenji experts come to support!This article is | source Renji Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of MedicineResponsible Editor | cassetteCopyright statementThis article is reproduced Welcome to forward the circle of friends - End -* "Medical community" strives to publish the content professional and reliable, but does not promise the accuracy of the content; Relevant parties are requested to check separately when adopting or using it as a basis for decision-making.
    • 2022 EULAR/ACR Conference highlights, one article inventory!

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      So, what role does vitamin D play in rheumatic immune diseases that are closely related to immunity?Many scholars have conducted in-depth research on the topic of vitamin D and rheumatism, and shared the following latest progress at the EULAR 2022 Annual Conference:Low 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels and VDR (FokI) gene polymorphisms are independent risk factors for osteoporosis in postmenopausal rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients.
    • Glucosamine for osteoarthritis, 5 precautions!

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      5g (based on glucosamine sulfate)] at a time, once a day (better effect when taking with meals), take continuously for 3 months, and can be reused with an interval of 2 months 。 5 major considerations★ (1) This product should be taken during or after meals, which can reduce gastrointestinal discomfort, especially for patients with gastric ulcers.
    • The first article of Cao Xuetao's team in 2023

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      iNatureAutoimmune and autoinflammatory responses result from abnormal immune and inflammatory responses to their own components and contribute to various autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases. RNA-
    • Looking forward to the future, RA treatment has entered the era of precise targeting

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      Based on clinical practice, looking forward to the future prospects of the departmentThe Department of Rheumatology and Immunology of the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical University, established in October 2006, as a discipline leader, when asked why he decided to become a rheumatologist in the first place, both professors said that this was an accidental and inevitable result.
    • Regarding the relationship between drinking and weight loss, this article makes it clear!

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      , and a large amount of heat will be generated in the body during the process of alcohol metabolism(if there is excess calories, about 3%-5% of alcohol will eventually be converted into fat。 。 Things you didn't know about losing weight and drinking alcoholIn a survey of 2,000 adults conducted by the health department in 2010, the results showed that 4 in 10 people admitted that they were unaware of the fact that alcoholic beverages contain higher calories.
    • How to use medication after diabetic patients are positive? What are the precautions?

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      *For medical professionals onlyHurry up and collect!AuthorLv XiongOn December 10, the State Council Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism press conference reported that the elderly over 60 years old and patients with underlying diseases are at risk of severe disease after infection with the new crown virus, and diabetes is one of the underlying diseases.
    • 【Nature】The "breakthrough" obesity drug that stunned researchers!

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      Weight loss lasts for a year or two 03 03 Historically, it has not been possible to safely reduce body weight by more than 10 percent by pharmacological methods, and Timo Müller, biologist and director of the Helmholtz Institute for Diabetes and Obesity in Munich, also believes that new treatments improve cardiovascular health.
    • Uncover the truth of β cell damage, 4 points to solve the problem of T2DM patients from the source!

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      *For medical professionals onlyStep into the world of β cellsThe web version of the doctor station is online, please scan the QR code below or click to read the original articleNo need to download to
    • If you have thyroid cancer, should I have surgery?

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      *For medical professionals only, these points can be met without surgeryAuthorNanzhong Endocrinology Chen XiaotianWith the continuous development and progress of the economy, people's living standards
    • Inventory 2022 Professor Chen Jie: 2022 Neuroendocrine Tumor Drug Treatment Progress Inventory

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      7 months [9], overall, Targeted drugs have not yet shown satisfactory efficacy in high-level NETs and NECs. 03 chemotherapyThe final results of the prospective Phase II ECOG-ACRIN E2211 clinical trial comparing the efficacy of temozolomide monotherapy and temozolomide + capecitabine combination regimen in advanced pancreatic NET were presented at the 2022 ASCO Annual Meeting, which included a total of 144 metastatic/unresectable G1/G2 grade pancreatic NETs, with overall survival OS time and ORR of 53.
    • 10 points to note about taking azvudine for diabetics! Favorites are recommended

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      The "Recommendations and Appropriate Technologies for Primary Diagnosis and Treatment of Novel Coronavirus Infection in Peking Union Medical College Hospital" [3] mentions that high-risk groups with poorly controlled primary diseases such as diabetes and diabetes complications may require antiviral therapy, and from the perspective of clinical benefit, it is taken in the early stage of infection (within 3-5 days) and the rapid replication of the virus.
    • Are women with diabetes at higher risk of venous thromboembolism than men? But it has attracted attention...

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      Study screenshotsstatus quoCarola Deischinger, MD, Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Medical University of Vienna, said:Type 2 diabetes is a chronic blood sugar disorder that affects more than 8% of the global population and is associated with a variety of microvascular and macrovascular complications.
    • A new start for diabetes management, interpreting diabetes mitigation strategies from multiple aspects

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      The web version of the doctor station is online, please scan the QR code below or click to read the original articleNo need to download to view more endocrine frontiers- End -"This article is for scientific information provided only to healthcare professionals and does not represent the position of the platform"*For medical professionals onlyLearn many things about diabetes relief from your doctor's discussions.
    • The latest progress of "diabetic eye disease"! Discovery of new targets for DR therapy

      Time of Update: 2023-02-03
      Recently, research published in the journal Theranotics showed that by restoring the function of ADAM10, a major exfoliative protein, the formation of abnormal blood vessels can be controlled in preclinical models, and ADAM10 may be a potential new target for the treatment of DR.

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