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    When industrial endoscopes plug in the wings of digitalization

    • Last Update: 2023-02-02
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    In recent years, more and more digital technology has been applied in the field of inspection, and as the application of endoscopes in various industries has become more and more mature, Evident now launches a digital application portfolio with endoscopes: ViSOL, in an effort to help customers work more standardly, efficiently and


    Focus on optimizing workflows


    By using ViSOL, engineers can control the entire process from pre-inspection task assignment, to guided inspection during inspection, to post-inspection data processing on the platform, through a unified platform for project management and monitoring
    Inspectors can also use the platform for image batch processing, image defect grading, measurement defect size, and even AI intelligent classification



    Images are automatically categorized


    If you use an endoscope recommended by Evident, when you upload an inspection image, it is automatically stored by location, so that the inspection image is too similar to be distinguishable
    when you return to the office.
    Engineers can also customize their inspection models, perform visual asset management, and share their inspection pictures
    anytime, anywhere.


    Detect the model


    Generate customized reports with one click


    General customer reports are generated manually through Word, which is not only time-consuming, but also difficult to uniformly format, let alone use historical data
    Using the ViSOL combination, customers can easily create their own report templates on the platform, and generate reports with one click after the inspection is completed, without spending time adjusting the format, and can unify historical data


    Data presentation


    Historical data mining analysis


    Using ViSOL, customers can unify the convenient classification of historical data, and perform data mining, and then perform failure analysis and prediction of important components, helping customers minimize downtime, for example, customers can conduct unified data analysis for the entire wind farm or the same type of assets to complete the overall asset evaluation
    All historical big data can be collated and leveraged to provide practical guidance
    for future work.



    Secure and compliant data storage


    We have deployed servers in China, all the customer's detection data will be stored in China, and the storage of the data is encrypted, only the customer has the right to view, no one else or even the service provider has access to these data, so the customer can use our cloud services with great confidence and manage their own detection data


    Offline mode of the software


    In order to cope with the situation that there is no network in remote areas, we provide customers with offline operation mode, engineers can run services from any location, perform fast image transmission processing, editing, measurement and report generation, and wait for network conditions to allow, inspection items can be uploaded to the cloud with one click, and shared with people
    who want to view reports in time.


    ViSOL is a growing portfolio of applications, and we will provide more useful features on this platform in the future to help customers leverage their inspection data to improve inspection efficiency




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