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    Home > What is cereal alcohol? Is it dangerous to use it for food and wine?

    What is cereal alcohol? Is it dangerous to use it for food and wine?

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Grain alcohol is a form of pure alcohol produced by fermentation and distillation It's also called ethanol In addition to being used in the production of grain wine, grain alcohol is also used as a solvent and other industrial applications Because grain alcohol is extremely powerful, it cannot be drunk directly In addition, do not consume methanol and other alcohol, because these substances are very toxic For centuries, corn and rye have been used to make wine When grains are fermented, yeast consumes their natural sugar and converts it into alcohol Depending on the way the grains are fermented, the ethanol content can be very low or very high When fermented alcohol is allowed to reach a high alcohol content and distilled, a colorless and powerful liquid, sometimes called neutral grain alcohol, is obtained, with transparent color Some mixed drinks add a small amount of grain alcohol as the alcohol component, and some flavoring wine products are made of grain alcohol Due to the high alcohol content, it is difficult to obtain pure neutral grain wine, which will become very dangerous in the hands of inexperienced people In fact, in some countries, commercial sales of grain alcohol are also banned for health reasons It is more common to avoid the complete fermentation of grains, so as to reduce the alcohol content of colored spirits such as whiskey and white spirits such as vodka Technically, ethanol is toxic, and most people who drink it know it In moderation, ethanol can have interesting effects on brain and motor function, which many people like and deliberately obtain by drinking alcohol However, this toxicity also means that grain alcohol is very dangerous because it is very deceptive Cereal alcohol is prone to permanent brain or liver damage, and it is also a skin irritant that can cause discomfort when swallowed Grain alcohol and ethanol produced through the refining process have many industrial uses Ethanol can be used as preservative, fuel and solvent Because industrial ethanol often contains additives, it is not safe to drink Other industrial alcohol such as isopropanol has different chemical structure, so it is not safe for human consumption.
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