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    How to become a trusted service provider for Boeing and Airbus?

    • Last Update: 2023-02-02
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      In addition to focusing on product quality control, the maintenance, repair and overhaul of products or machines (MRO) is undoubtedly a large expense for many companies, spanning automotive, heavy industry, aerospace and so on
    China continues to pay more attention to and invest
    in aviation maintenance business.
    In 2010, the MRO market size of China's air transport industry was 2.
    3 billion US dollars, and by 2020, the market size has reached 8.
    5 billion US dollars, and there are currently more than 500 domestic maintenance companies under the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC
    MRO is becoming more and more important, and many companies are willing to choose ScanBox quality inspection as an important basis for their maintenance and maintenance
    EPCOR purchased the ScanBox 5108 in 2016 for use at work

    The company we know about the customer story today is located in the Netherlands
    The company that provides MRO support services for auxiliary power units and pneumatic systems of commercial aircraft of many of the world's largest airlines - EPCOR
    Famous aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus are important customers
    of EPCOR.
    EPCOR has also been designated by Honeywell as authorized to repair equipment



    APU: Auxiliary Power Unit

      The auxiliary power unit, or APU, is located at the tail end of the aircraft and is a small gas turbine that produces electricity and compressed air
    The core is a small turbine engine, is a power unit of the aircraft in addition to the main engine, it provides electricity and bleed air for the aircraft, and provides bleed air and power supply for the air-conditioning system and electrical equipment of the aircraft on the ground or in flight, so as not to rely on the ground power supply to start the engine, thereby saving fuel, and is the main equipment
    to ensure that the engine is stopped in the air and then started.
    The APU is mainly composed of three parts: accessory gearbox, load compressor and power part (mainly compressor, combustion chamber and turbine).

    Later, we will take the impeller as an example to introduce the application of
    ScanBox detection in it.


    APU: Auxiliary Power Unit




    Precision and efficiency are indispensable

        EPCOR had two main troubles before choosing ScanBox
    One is that the current annual maintenance of APU is more than 300, the future production capacity will also reach 600, we know the aerospace industry, safety above all, there is a strict quality control system, so in the production capacity increase at the same time, how to ensure the accuracy of part size inspection? How can the detection efficiency be improved? Another point, the service life of the parts is limited, the use time is different, the degree of wear is not the same, the customer will send the APU to EPCOR for product maintenance, EPCOR needs to test the product according to the limit tolerance requirements, determine whether it is unqualified, whether it is within the tolerance range, whether it can continue to be used



    Combination of software and hardware to integrate and efficient solutions

        EPCOR purchased the ScanBox 5108 in 2016 and has been using it ever since, to complete the challenges
    of the job.
    At the same time, EPCOR also supports batch inspection of parts through the professional version software GOM Blade Inspect Pro module, in order to meet the production line beat, the multi-function bracket can be customized, which greatly shortens the inspection cycle
    ScanBox hardware combined with ZEISS Quality Suite software provides an all-in-one solution
    for EPCOR.
    A standard value
    is required for testing.
    In fact, in the vast majority of maintenance tasks, parts use for a long time, manufacturers have been unable to provide the original CAD digital model, EPCOR makes full
    use of the professional software GOM Blade Inspect Pro in the function of the golden grid, scan 3 new parts, and then based on the obtained 3 mesh data, create an optimal mesh, that is, we call the golden mesh, we use this optimal mesh as a CAD digital model, The old part is then best matched globally to CAD for surface comparison
    With global grid data, engineers can get inspection results
    Common blade detection mainly includes leading edge detection, shunt blade leading edge detection, and outer edge detection

    All test results will be automatically generated in the
    case of a project template.

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