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    Vehicle Digitalization Innovative 3D scanners empower automotive design practitioners with a competitive edge

    • Last Update: 2023-01-05
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    Innovative 3D scanners

    Automotive manufacturers and their suppliers around the world are already using portable 3D scanning systems in product development, vehicle design, and quality assurance
    From individual components to complete vehicles, almost everything can be measured
    with it.
    3D measurement technology products such as the Creaform portable 3D scanner are the ideal solution
    for design and quality experts in the automotive industry to quickly and efficiently measure parts or complete vehicles.




    Professional Portable 3D Scanner Go! SCAN SPARK is particularly suitable for vehicle design and prototyping
    It is easy to use and effortlessly captures the 3D shape and color of a wide range of objects with an accuracy of 0.
    050 mm


    HandySCAN 3D


    Metrology-grade portable 3D scanner HandySCAN 3D with an accuracy of 0.
    025 mm
    for use in product development and quality control applications.
    Thanks to its high resolution, the laser 3D scanner can capture a wide range of tiny details
    , even on highly reflective surfaces without matte spray.


    MetraSCAN 3D


    The MetraSCAN 3D metrological portable optical coordinate scanner is fast, accurate and reliable (0.
    025 mm accuracy) unaffected
    by vibrations, part movement and unstable environmental conditions in the production environment.
    It has been specially developed
    for measurement laboratory and shop floor applications.
    Frequently used in quality control and inspection workflows
    It can acquire 3D measurement data for various types of parts, regardless of size, material, surface and complexity
    When used with the handheld optical coordinate HandyPROBE, you can perform even more comprehensive inspections



    Easily digitize clay models as well as complete vehicles


    At its design center in Munich, the BMW Group has always relied on the flexibility of Creaform's portable 3D measurement solutions to accelerate the digitalization of its designs
    Depending on the application, they use different 3D scanners


    Clay models and automotive components such as rims, doors and seats, as well as the entire vehicle interior, were measured with these two Creaform 3D scanners: Go! SCAN SPARK and HandySCAN 3D
    Both 3D measurement systems are portable and user-friendly and can be taken directly to where they are needed
    At the BMW Group, they are tools used daily by metrologists and


    For the measurement of complete vehicles, the company uses the MetraSCAN 3D
    , an optical coordinate scanner from Creaform.
    This scan-to-CAD solution enables rapid acquisition
    of data on large areas and objects.
    Since the target point is basically not used, frog jumping (vibration)
    on the vehicle is avoided when measuring the whole vehicle.
    The 3D scanner can be used with the contact, handheld coordinate HandyPROBE for 3D measurements
    in more applications.
    You can then further process the probe data
    in Catia and Alias software.





    Quickly align and clean scan data


    In addition to digitalization, the software's data cleaning and alignment capabilities are important
    in terms of time savings from the point of view of efficiency and simplicity.
    The BMW Group's design center relies on Creaform's scan-to-CAD software module VXmodel for this purpose
    The software is simple to operate, intuitive and reliable
    due to its many features.



    Efficient 3D measurement systems drive innovation


    The combination of Creaform's portable 3D scanner and the scan-to-CAD software module VXmodel opens up a whole new digital world in automotive design
    Modelers and designers can quickly turn real-world models into digital models
    Molds (sketches) designed with clay models can be easily converted into digital models and then used for design and technology development
    as required.
    These advantages, together with simple operation, reliable measurement results and repeatable processes, are crucial for the BMW Group, as modellers without conventional metrology training can successfully digitize
    their pioneering innovation processes with 3D scanners.




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       About CREAFORM

      The motto "Innovate, Never End" represents the core values of Creaform, which has been innovating
    since its inception in 2002 and celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2022 。 Today, Creaform continues to develop, manufacture and market cutting-edge portable and automated 3D measurement technology products that provide innovative solutions
    for applications such as 3D scanning, reverse engineering, quality control, non-destructive testing, product development and numerical simulation (FEA/CFD).
    Its products and engineering services enable a wide range of industries to expand application boundaries, including automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, heavy industry, manufacturing, oil and gas, power generation, research and education
    Headquartered and manufactured in Levis, Quebec, Creaform has 14 local offices worldwide and a dealer network of 125 agents in more than 85 countries
    Creaform is a business unit of AMETEK Inc.
    , a manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical equipment with global cutting-edge technology and sales of $5.
    5 billion
    in 2021.


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