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    Working principle of bottle washer / working principle of ultrasonic bottle washer / price of small bottle washer

    • Last Update: 2010-04-03
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    Ultrasonic bottle washing machine products, high degree of automation, suitable for 1-20ml ampoules, 2-100ml vials, mold bottles, oral liquid bottles, etc Features of ultrasonic bottle washing machine: 1 Simple structure, stable performance, easy operation and low maintenance cost 2 Multi specification and multi-purpose 3 It can be used in linkage or single machine 4 Adopt pneumatic system, no pollution 5 The bottle washing process is controlled by PLC, and the ultrasonic cleaning time can be set freely 6 Equipped with residual water removal device 7 The flat plate cleaning method realizes the low breakage rate of bottle washing 8 The bottle plate filled with ampoules can be directly put into the sterilization oven without turning over the plate 9 The cleaning quality meets the GMP standard requirements 10 It can save water resources for users Working principle of ultrasonic bottle washing machine: the bottle is put into a special parallel plate, which is composed of a bottle plate and a cover plate and separated and positioned by Confucius It is manually sent to the * station, after the circulating water is sprayed and injected into the river, it sinks to the ultrasonic tank for ultrasonic rough cleaning; then the bottle plate rises and pushes into the second station, and the outer bottle is washed with the water spray facing down, the needle is inserted into the bottle (air flushing), the first cleaning (water for injection), the second cleaning (water for injection), the third air flushing, drying, the bottle mouth up, and automatically enters the sterilization oven The operation of each function of the machine is controlled by PLC program The air source is purified compressed air, the washing water in the bottle is injection water, and the outer wall and ultrasonic initial washing water are circulating water Technical parameters of ultrasonic bottle washer: 1 Voltage: 50Hz 2 Total power: 5.2kw 3 Ultrasonic power: 27khz 4 Air pressure: 0.35-0.45mpa 5 Water pressure: 0.30.4mpa 6 Water consumption: 8-10 of bottle volume (calculated by 2ml ampoule) 7 Air consumption: 1.5m3/min 8 Ampule breakage rate: 1ml-1.5% 2-20ml-1% other bottles 0.1% 9 Clarity qualification rate: - 98% 10 Weight: About 500kg 11 Overall dimension: 1600x850x1200mm (length x width x height) ultrasonic bottle washing machine production capacity: 1 Ampule bottle 1ml: 3500 pieces / hour 2ml: 28000 pieces / hour 5ml: 14500 (19000) pieces / hour 10ml: 118000 pieces / hour 20ml: 10000 pieces / hour 2 Controlled antibiotics: 2ml: 18000 bottles / hour; 5ml: 18000 bottles / hour; 7ml: 10500 bottles / hour; 10ml: 10000 bottles / hour; 25ml: 8500 bottles / hour; 3 Molded antibiotics bottles 5ml: 15000 bottles / hour; 7ml: 7800 bottles / hour; 20ml: 6000 bottles / hour; 50ml: 3000 bottles / hour; 4 Oral liquid bottle; 10ml: 15000 bottles / hour; 20ml: 7800 bottles / hour; if you want to know more about bottle washing machine Knowledge, please log in our company: or direct Pharmaceutical Technology Department: consultation, our factory will provide you with more professional services!  
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