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    Efficiently linking supply and demand, opening a new chapter in intelligent manufacturing, the 2022 South China Laser Exhibition was successfully concluded

    • Last Update: 2023-01-05
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    On November 17th, the 24th China International High-tech Fair Member Exhibition - 2022 South China International Intelligent Manufacturing, Advanced Electronics and Laser Technology Expo (LEAP Expo) finally concluded successfully at Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center (Bao'an New Hall).

    LEAP Expo is affiliated with Munich South China Electronics Exhibition, Munich South China Electronics Production Equipment Exhibition, South China Advanced Laser and Processing Application Technology Exhibition and China (Shenzhen) Machine Vision Exhibition and Machine Vision Technology and Industrial Application Seminar (VisionChina Shenzhen) held at the same time, South China Circuit Board International Trade and Procurement Expo jointly appeared in the 24th CHTF
    The five exhibitions are linked, and relying on the CHTF platform, an autumn feast
    is presented for colleagues in the intelligent manufacturing related industry who can enjoy technology, understand trends, communicate business and trade, and promote cooperation.


    2022 LEAP Expo Big Data


    80,000 square meters display area

    1100 exhibitors and brands


    Through more than ten special exhibition areas, LEAP Expo unites high-quality enterprises in the industry, focusing on surface mounting, dispensing glue injection and materials, wire harness processing, electronic assembly automation, robotics and intelligent warehousing, quality control, component manufacturing, semiconductors, sensors, power supplies, passive components, connectors, test and measurement, PCB, automotive electronics, laser intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment, light sources and advanced laser devices, laser processing control and supporting systems, industrial intelligent detection and quality control technology, laser processing services, 3D printing/additive manufacturing technology, machine vision core components and accessories and other new products and technology research and development results, while supporting smart cars, ADAS and automatic driving, electric vehicle drive and charging technology, 5G + industrial Internet, third-generation power semiconductors, embedded systems, Internet of Things, medical electronics, carbon neutrality and carbon peaking, dispensing and adhesive technology, electronic manufacturing technology, fan-out packaging in the semiconductor field, 3C flexible manufacturing, digital factories, automotive wiring harness processing, laser technology focus on industry applications , machine vision and 5G, artificial intelligence, edge computing, PCB enterprise supply chain management, safety production and other hot topics to hold industry forums and activities with different themes, bringing rich exhibition experience
    to professional visitors.


    Lu Wangbin, Chief Operating Officer of MM Shanghai, said: "South China is a high-profile manufacturing hub
    Laser technology is more cost-effective
    than many traditional manufacturing techniques.
    The market demand for laser technology for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry in South China has soared, of which 3C and electronics industry are a very large application scenario
    South China Laser Exhibition is not only to display laser technology, equipment and devices, but also to link the supply side and application terminal of the laser industry chain, providing more innovative and cutting-edge laser solutions, hoping to promote vertical market cooperation and produce practical efficiency


    Integrate industry resources and promote intelligent manufacturing to open a new chapter


    Laser technology with its excellent and high efficiency is constantly helping automotive, electronics, medical, new energy, PCB, communications, home appliances, lighting and other industries to achieve manufacturing process upgrades
    After years of rapid development, China has become a big country in the laser industry, and the localization of laser products has achieved a great leap forward, providing a powerful weapon
    for the development of domestic intelligent manufacturing.

    As an important window for China's high-tech fields to open up to the outside world, CHTF focuses on displaying scientific research achievements and advanced technologies
    in strategic emerging industries such as new generation information technology, biotechnology, new energy, new materials, high-end equipment, green environmental protection, and aerospace.
    This year's CHTF joined hands with the South China Advanced Laser and Processing Application Technology Exhibition to link multiple industry resources, providing a higher-end business platform for meeting the needs of laser industry chain enterprises such as achievement display, product release, and contact trade, and also broadened the channel
    for potential users of laser technology in South China to find personalized products and industry solutions.
    Exhibitors of well-known brands at the exhibition site shined, fully demonstrating the innovative development of
    laser technology in key terminal application scenarios such as consumer electronics, semiconductors, lithium batteries, medical treatment, and intelligent detection.

    Han's Laser participates in the South China Laser Exhibition every year, and this year, Han's Laser brings a leading domestic star product in the field of semiconductor packaging and testing with independent intellectual property rights - "Humble" series of high-speed and high-precision automatic semiconductor wire bonding machine
    The scene attracted a lot of stop and consultation

    Ye Chuangbo, head of the Group's brand promotion and operation department, said, "This product is suitable for the current mainstream packaging forms, including discrete devices and integrated circuit packaging, filling the domestic gap, and its technology and process level is close to or reaching the current international advanced level
    In addition, he also said: "Han's Laser made a major organizational adjustment last year, spinning out 100+ product centers, which is equivalent to serving 100+ industry customers
    " The company has increased its promotion efforts, looking forward to appearing in key exhibitions in the industry, and the South China Laser Exhibition is also a major event
    we are looking forward to.
    Judging from the situation on site, both the flow of people and the quality of exhibitors exceeded expectations

    The composite two-dimensional platform that can be applied to microelectronics/semiconductors, integrated circuits and medical/biotechnology is a two-dimensional mechanical guide rail + air bearing composite motion platform
    launched by Yiguan Semiconductor.
    Wu Liwei, general manager of the company, introduced the buyers who came to consult: "The platform adopts modular and orthogonal design concepts, including YG's MZT module and composite XY module
    The MZT module is integrated on a composite XY table module and enables high-precision, high-stiffness linear and rotary movements
    with 4 degrees of freedom in the X, Y, Z and T axes.
    The vertical direction of the MZT module adopts a unique large-stroke maglev gravity compensation technology, which reduces the load of the vertical motor and greatly improves the vertical motion performance and life
    At the same time, the composite XY table module adopts drive center of mass matching, flexible gantry and lightweight design technology, which has the ability to reduce the impact of the center of mass on the high-precision mechanical guide rail, improve the reliability and life of the motion system, and has the correction function
    of slightly translating and unsynchronized Y1 and Y2 motors.

    Wu Liwei, General Manager of Shanghai Yinguan Semiconductor Technology Co.
    , Ltd.
    : "We are very grateful to the organizers for their careful organization
    Yiguan Semiconductor has brought a lot of advanced technology products this time, hoping to serve customers in South China through the platform of South China Laser Exhibition, and has great expectations for the exhibition and harvested a lot

    When it comes to 3D printing, we have to launch Chuangxin Laser's MFSC 300W 3D printing single-mode continuous fiber laser, which is based on modular design and has excellent beam quality and extremely high stability
    Zhong Xiangjin, director of Chuangxin laser technology, said, "This laser laser power is continuously adjustable, using optical fiber with QBH/QCS head output, can be combined with laser processing head and robot, machine tool and other system integration, has been widely used
    in 3D printing, fine cutting, thin plate welding, 3C welding and so on.
    " ”

    Zhong Xiangjin, technical director of Shenzhen Chuangxin Laser Co.
    , Ltd.
    : "Participating in this exhibition, I not only communicated with peers and old customers, but also met many new customers
    South China Laser Exhibition still has a relatively large influence in this industry and the entire South China region, and has a positive guiding effect
    on the publicity and future development of Chuangxin Laser.


    Xia Zaobing, Deputy Director of Wuhan Ruike Fiber Laser Technology Co.
    , Ltd.
    , introduced: "Our new generation of beam tunable laser RFL-ABP can be applied to new energy vehicles and other fields, filling the gap
    of domestic fiber laser beam mode adjustable technology.
    Using the customized optical fiber combiner developed by Ruike, different modes of output such as Gaussian spot, ring spot, mixed spot can be realized, and can be switched
    arbitrarily according to processing requirements.
    At the same time, the power of the fiber core and ring core can be adjusted independently to achieve any power ratio
    of fiber core / ring core.

    Xia Zaobing, deputy director of Wuhan Ruike Fiber Laser Technology Co.
    , Ltd.
    : "Due to the impact of the epidemic in the past one or two years, the exhibition has been greatly hindered, and this year it has also participated in the South China Laser Exhibition
    after a lot of hard work.
    We hope to use this platform to integrate upstream and downstream, learn more about customer needs, and enable people in the industry to apply lasers better; At the same time, participating in the exhibition can also let us understand some new products applied in new
    energy welding and cutting.


    Leng Xuepeng, sales director of Feibo Laser, enthusiastically recommended the handheld welding special fiber laser to the audience, "This laser is a laser
    developed and designed for the welding market.
    The electro-optical conversion efficiency is greater than 40%, and the energy saving is stable
    It can be combined with a 10-meter output optical cable for more flexible
    The output head is light, short, and small, saving more space for integration
    High speed, high efficiency and strong
    welding ability.
    No consumables, smooth and delicate weld, not easy to deform.

    Flexible and simple operation, which can meet multi-angle and multi-position welding

    Leng Xuepeng, sales director of Shanghai Feibo Laser Technology Co.
    , Ltd.
    : "This time, Feibo Laser brought a lot of new products, including upgraded and iterative products, and everyone was very interested
    when communicating with customers and friends.
    We feel that this exhibition opportunity is very good, South China Laser Exhibition for us to gradually open up larger market fields, such as precision machining, precision welding, and even medical, scientific research and other emerging fields


    In line with the needs of manufacturing upgrades, create a laser characteristic exhibition area

    In recent years, laser core parts, lasers, laser equipment, etc.
    have made frequent and proud progress in localization, and the domestic manufacturing industry has entered a stage
    of high-quality development 。 In order to strengthen the innovation drive, promote the leapfrog development of technology, and improve the overall innovation efficiency of the laser industry chain of "basic and special materials - key components - high-end equipment and systems - application services", South China Laser Exhibition carefully created the "Laser Innovation Technology and Intelligent Detection Display Area", covering laser innovation technology, industrial intelligent detection technology and core components, on-site for consumer electronics, semiconductors, new energy, intelligent detection and other terminal application buyers to explain or demonstrate light sources and advanced laser devices, laser processing control and supporting systems, Testing instruments and equipment, AOI defect detection applied to laser processing and manufacturing, product surface and appearance inspection, geometric size and error measurement of parts and other technical solutions

    Guanghui Laser specially brings a new generation of intelligent air-cooled laser handheld welding with YLPS-Weld-1500-A
    Zhao Zhencheng, marketing commissioner of the company, proudly said: "This product is equipped with Guanghui's independent research and development of "not afraid of heat" welding head, unique aspheric optical technology, the weight is 35% lighter than other welding heads of the same type, the integrated design can have a better wire feeding effect, the weld seam is perfect without deformation, the machine can operate normally at -10-50 °C, the operation is simple and built-in 55 groups of application process data packages, which can be intelligently selected according to the application scenario, completely solve the problem of process exploration, and is an all-aluminum fuselage, weighing only 45kg , 30% lighter than the first generation, improving the reliability
    of collection movement.
    In addition, it is equipped with multiple safety guarantees, and in addition to the emergency stop button, the circuit design of individual safety completely solves the possibility of
    He also said: "The overall experience of this exhibition is relatively good, I am satisfied with the flow of people at the booth, and many customers have also learned about our products
    " At the same time, the organizer gave us a lot of support and help
    during our exhibition.


    Empower start-ups, technical talent

    The normalization of the epidemic has caused an impact on many start-ups, facing the dilemma of lack of operations and talents, and laser start-ups often lack not technology, but to discover their "Bó Lè"

    This year, 11 start-ups saw the resource integration advantages of the South China Laser Exhibition, gathered in the exhibition "Start-ups Start-up Zone", and not only took the opportunity to display the optical components, optical modules, optical systems and instruments, laser cavity, laser, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser marking machine, laser cleaning machine and other rich products suitable for final application fields such as automotive, microelectronics, medical and other terminal applications, but also launched a talent recruitment plan and attracted a lot of attention

    Adhering to the mission of optical technology to create a better life, Lubang, founded in 2018, has been at the forefront of the world in the research and development and application field of liquid crystal micro-nano technology, and has become the only enterprise
    in China to achieve mass production.
    At this exhibition, visitors also come to consult their LCD Wiener technology
    from time to time.
    According to Lubang, this technology has broad application prospects
    in aerospace, lidar, laser processing, VR/AR, medical beauty and medical treatment and other fields.

    Speaking about this exhibition, Zhou Fenjing, sales manager of Lubang, said: "At this exhibition, there are many optical professional visitors from all over the world who came to guide and exchange, and they appreciated our Lubang products very much
    It is hoped that the next exhibition can be better organized, guide more industry-related professional visitors, and help Lubang promote its products and services to a wider field

    Zhejiang Faraday Laser Technology Co.
    , Ltd.
    is a national high-tech enterprise
    incubated by relying on the production-learning-research mode of Peking University-Wenzhou Laser and Optoelectronics Joint R&D Center.
    Liu Zhenfeng, Chief Engineer of Faraday, said: "After the industrialization of our narrow linewidth Faraday laser, the frequency stability index of cesium bells has been improved by orders of magnitude, laying an important foundation
    for the localization of cesium clocks.


    Supply and demand matching, one-click access to core resources

    At the same time, in addition to booth exchanges, South China Laser Exhibition site set up a special business matching area, together with industry associations, media and related industry organizations jointly invited nearly 100 buyer groups composed of professionals in consumer electronics, microelectronics, industrial electronics and other application fields to visit, based on the pre-exhibition supply and demand online filling in the procurement and matching needs, specially invited purchasing intentions to carry out one-on-one offline trade negotiations with exhibitors, aiming to promote the seamless docking of the upstream and downstream of the industry, meet the needs of terminal applications, help exhibitors expand business opportunities, Obtain intentional orders and improve exhibition efficiency

    Huawei, representative of electronic terminal applications: "I am from the 3C industry, mainly to see the detection technology of 3C, including laser and
    See the detection products of Zhongtu Instruments, as well as Daheng Laser, Ruike and so on
    On the whole, I am more satisfied, the exhibition content is also very extensive, and the gains are great

    Wisdom International: "The exhibitions hosted by Munich have always been attended and are very popular
    We do smart homes, similar to controlling Xiaomi appliances
    by voice.
    The main purpose of participating in the exhibition is to observe and learn, and our company will also use the laser marking
    of Han's Laser.
    It is not easy to hold an exhibition under the epidemic, and I hope that the South China Laser Exhibition can be better and better


    Dig deep into the hot spots of laser technology, and deliver process nutrients at the same time forum

    At the same time, the exhibition held the South China International Photonic Intelligent Manufacturing and Application Technology Conference, divided into two themes: "Laser Process Enables Consumer Electronics Innovative Manufacturing Seminar" and "Laser Technology Helps Semiconductor Manufacturing, Work Together to Build Chinese Chip", inviting core representatives of enterprises, technical scholars, college experts, etc.
    in the fields of laser, optoelectronics, high-end equipment manufacturing to gather together to share with the audience the technical difficulties in different application scenarios, etc.
    , and discuss topics involving the application of laser technology in 3C product manufacturing.
    Laser processing equipment for the process difficulties of fine cutting of mobile phone covers, ultrafast laser processing OLED flexible materials, laser cutting solutions in the production of flexible display panels, innovative application of laser micro-nano manufacturing technology in the field of consumer electronics, application of ultraviolet laser in wafer dicing, ultrafast laser for precision cutting of wafers, application of excimer laser in semiconductor lithography and annealing, laser precision marking for the identification of semiconductor chips and devices, application of laser technology in drilling through holes, Laser technology is used for semiconductor wafer cleaning, processing technology innovation of different lasers in semiconductor chips and materials, etc

    Here, we would like to thank all the exhibitors, visitors and partners who supported South China Laser Exhibition, your sincere dedication and dedication have made South China Laser Exhibition full of harvest, but also achieved the acquaintance and gathering
    of new and old friends of the exhibition.

    South China Laser Exhibition has always been committed to promoting active cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the laser industry chain, contributing to the upgrading of manufacturing in South China and contributing to the development of domestic intelligent manufacturing
    It is hoped that the holding of the exhibition can increase the confidence of laser people, actively respond to challenges under the influence of external objective factors on the industry, unswervingly strive to improve technology and core competitiveness, constantly innovate, and explore new patterns
    of future development.


    The end means a new beginning

    I believe that in four months, we will be able to meet in Shanghai again~~

    March 22-24, 2023

    Shanghai New International Expo Centre

    Munich Shanghai Light Expo is waiting for you!


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