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    2020 Shenzhen International Polymer New Materials and Equipment Expo 2020 Shenzhen International Biodegradable Plastics and Application Exhibition...

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    2020 Shenzhen International Polymer New Materials and Equipment Fair
    2020 in Shenzhen International biodegradable plastics and Application Exhibition
    2020 on Shenzhen International's Polymer New Materials and Equipment's Expo
    2020 and the Application on Shenzhen International's Biodegradable Plastics Exhibition

      [Organizer/Organizer] Shenzhen Polymer Industry Association

    Jihua Exhibition Service (Shanghai) Co.
    , Ltd.
    [Organizer] Jihua Exhibition Service (Shanghai) Co.
    , Ltd.
    [Exhibition Address] Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Fuhua 3rd Road) [Exhibition time] Exhibition time: October 28-30, 2020


      [Exhibition background]

    Protecting the global environment, building a resource-recycling society, and taking the road of sustainable development have become a hot spot and urgent task in the world.
    The main raw materials of bio-based plastics come from renewable biomass resources, which can be used as limited and increasingly Supplement and replacement of exhausted non-renewable petroleum resources, and through the analysis of the entire product life cycle, it has been confirmed that it is a low-load material for the environment, and it has become a development hotspot of global attention


    As the focus of the development of the plastics industry during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, China's biodegradable plastics have been rapidly developed: domestic production capacity has reached about 500kt, of which PLA capacity has reached 50kt/year, PBAT capacity has exceeded 200kt/year, and there are a large number of production lines Under construction or planned construction, the production capacity and usage of PHA, PCL, PPC and other materials are also increasing.
    It is believed that biodegradable plastics will be better developed during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period


    Biodegradable plastics are mainly used in packaging, fiber, agriculture, injection molding and other fields.
    Among them, they are the most widely used in the packaging industry.
    The demand for food packaging accounts for more than 70% of the biodegradable plastic packaging market; the injection molding application market is for biodegradable plastics.
    The main driver of growth


    The high-tech material industry cluster in the Pearl River Delta region with Shenzhen as the center has formed a huge market demand for the rubber and plastic industry and new environmentally friendly materials


      [Exhibition Features and Services]

    Each exhibiting company can get a VIP invitation letter for inviting distributors (agents, purchasers) to visit and purchase, and the organizing committee will provide hotel services for VIPs who visit and purchase;

      2 .
    After signing up for the exhibition, you can enjoy the services of famous company recommendation and product introduction on the company's cooperative media, official website, and WeChat platform;

    During the exhibition, many seminars can be admitted free of charge with the exhibition card, and related gifts will be given;

    The organizing committee will release the list of buyers and the products purchased from time to time according to its own conditions and advantages;

    If necessary, exhibitors can ask the organizing committee for the list of buyers and contact information of the conference after the exhibition is over.
    The organizing committee will provide a list of relevant purchasers free of charge according to the needs of exhibitors, so that exhibitors can better contact and negotiate with purchasers;

    Many gifts are presented during the exhibition.
    You can participate in the on-site lottery with the exhibitor's badge and visitor's badge.
    Welcome Exhibitors sponsor gifts;

    Professional visitors can enjoy the hotel check-in service with pre-registration as well as gifts

    The tour group also enjoys shuttle bus and lunch service


      [Exhibition Scope]

    Biodegradable plastic raw materials,

      biodegradable plastics, biodegradable masterbatch, photodegradable masterbatch, biodegradable plastic, starch-based, polylactic acid (PLA), (PBS) polybutylene succinate, ( PHAs) polyhydroxyalkanoates, PBAT materials, (PCL) polycaprolactone, biodegradable plastic polyester (PBSA), degradable film (NPPM) bio-based plastics, polypropylene carbonate resin (PPC), (PSB) Biodegradable starch-based material, polyethylene -β- hydroxybutyrate (PHB), PHBV material (the PVA) polyvinyl alcohol, (the PSM) degradable material, (the PGA) polyglycolic acid, environmentally friendly new polymer materials;
      can Degradable film technology products:
      agricultural film, packaging film, shopping bag, garbage bag, cling film, anti-rust and anti-static film, label film, PE film, POF environmental protection film, heat shrinkable film, bubble film, protective film, film production materials And related equipment, etc.

      biodegradable plastic applications such as
      medical bioplastic products, electronic bioplastic products, food bioplastic products, hotel bioplastic products and other application companies, bioplastic mobile phone casings, bioplastic cartridges, bioplastic toothpaste boxes, bioplastic combs , Bioplastic toothbrushes, bioplastic toothpicks, bioplastic cups, bioplastic cutlery and other products;
      bio-based material processing equipment,
      biodegradable material detection technology, various degradable plastic processing machinery: injection molding machine, granulator double Production lines and processing equipment for environmentally friendly degradation products such as screw extruders, plastic molding machines, sheet machines, and mixing units

      Biodegradable plastic packaging products,
      food packaging containers, beverage packaging, baking supplies, medical packaging, daily chemical packaging, disposable plastic tableware, packaging materials, environmentally friendly fast food supplies and related production equipment, etc.

      [organizing committee contact information]

    Jihua Exhibition Service (Shanghai) Co.
    , Ltd.

      Contact: Mr.

      Mobile: 13321826589
      Tel: 400-865-9288
      E-mail: jihua@jihuaexpo.

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