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    50% lighter and recyclable thanks to this single material hot-filled sheet

    • Last Update: 2022-08-18
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    Austrian company SML and partner KIEFEL in a joint project to develop foamed sheets for hot-fill applications with new features in terms of heat resistance, thermal insulation and recyclabili.

    Single-material expanded PET or PP sheets produced by SML's new system are expected to replace hot-fill applications made from expanded polystyrene, which are often difficult to recyc.

    Achieving 50% drastic weight loss

    Achieving 50% drastic weight lossAchieving 50% drastic weight loss

    The foamed sheet produced by SML's new production line has an A/B/A sandwich structure, in which the middle sandwich B layer is a foamed material, and the two outer layers are a hard materi.

    Compared to PET sheet with the same properties, the single-material structure facilitates recycling, while the foam layer enables 50% weight reducti.

    Heat resistant up to 100 degrees Celsius

    Heat resistant up to 100 degrees CelsiusHeat resistant up to 100 degrees Celsius

    In a new collaborative project, Kiefel and SML are further developing the application potential of this foamed she.

    The initial results of the research were optimistic: the cups produced were heat-resistant up to 100 degrees Celsi.

    Can be recycled directly

    Can be recycled directlyCan be recycled directly

    Unlike polystyrene, single-material foamed board, especially PET foamed board, can be recycled directly because there are mature recycling facilities and technologies in this ar.

    Hot fill applications made from foamed PET sheet can be easily processed with other single-use PET produc.

    SML Technology Center provides ideal R&D support

    SML Technology Center provides ideal R&D supportSML Technology Center provides ideal R&D support

    A key aspect of the collaborative research between KIEFEL and SML is that the SML Technology Center is equipped with a new thermoformed sheet demonstration and R&D li.

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