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    A new record of daily welding joints of a single unit of Jianghan Oil Construction China-Russia Eastern Route Project

    • Last Update: 2021-06-13
    • Source: Internet
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      China Petroleum & Chemical News Network reported on April 26 that a single unit of the Sino-Russian East Route Project of the Petroleum Engineering Construction Company Jianghan Oil Construction Company welded 52 crossings of 1219 mm diameter pipelines every day.
    One-time welding qualified 100%, creating a domestic history of the same diameter and the same configuration unit.
    Welding new record on the day
    On the same day, two fully automatic welding units welded a total of 93 crossings, with a welding pass rate of 100%, breaking the one-kilometer mark in a single day.

      Facing the requirements for the construction of large-diameter, high-grade steel, high-pressure, and intelligent long-distance pipelines, Jianghan Oil Construction Company has comprehensively improved its engineering construction capabilities through measures such as professional training, equipment configuration and upgrading, and construction of intelligent chemical sites.
    At present, the company has explored the welding process parameters of automatic welding and combined automatic welding of different equipment, different welding materials, and different welding methods, and established an automatic welding process parameter library.
    It has successively trained more than 170 automatic welders and equipped with 4 standard complete sets.
    The automatic welding unit, 7 combined automatic welding units and automatic anti-corrosion equipment have laid a solid foundation for the high-quality construction of key projects such as the Sino-Russian pipeline and the southern trunk line of the Shandong pipeline network.

      In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the overall construction schedule of the project, the company combines the characteristics of fully automatic welding operations to continuously strengthen outsourcing work to overcome difficulties such as house demolition, relocation and land acquisition, and to achieve continuity of the operation surface of the construction unit.
    Technically, through line optimization, construction technology innovation and other measures, various processes such as trench excavation, welding, and anti-corrosion can be smoothly connected, and construction efficiency has been improved.
    At the same time, the construction project department established a progress inspection system to find real-time and dynamic problems in project operation control, equipment management, etc.
    , and study countermeasures in a timely manner to ensure the rapid progress of the project.

      Up to now, the construction project department of the company has welded a total of 9.
    07 kilometers in April, completing 178% of the monthly schedule issued by the owner.
    (Shi Jianfen, Zhang Longjiang, Qiaoling)

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