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    ABB Electric Mobility helps Guiyang smart parking solve the charging problem

    • Last Update: 2023-01-04
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    【Chemical Machinery and Equipment Network Star Enterprise】With the continuous growth of new energy vehicle ownership, the layout of charging supporting facilities in parking lots is uneven, and problems such as "charging piles are difficult to find" and "inconvenient charging" are becoming increasingly prominent
    。 Recently, ABB Electric Mobility provided 75 ABB Terra 120kW, 6 ABB Terra 60kW DC charging piles and ABB Ability TM charging service platform for the three parking stations of Guiyang Smart Parking Industry Investment and Development Co.
    , Ltd.
    (hereinafter referred to as "Guiyang Smart Parking"): Yan'an West Road Smart Parking Building, Xiaoguan Parking Lot and Guanshanhu District Xuanyu Smart Parking Lot, effectively improving the shortage of charging facilities in the parking lot.
    Help the development of smart parking in Guiyang City accelerate into the fast lane

    Guiyang Smart Parking is affiliated to Guiyang Transportation Investment and Development Group Co.
    , Ltd.

    The company strives to build a parking industry system with basic resources as the bearer, big data as the support, and high-quality transformation and development as the goal, actively promotes the supply-side structural reform of the parking industry in Guiyang, and strives to become a modern enterprise
    in the parking industry in Guiyang while continuously improving the ability and level of the parking industry to serve people's livelihood in the city.

    Cao Yang, head of ABB Electric's e-mobility business in China, said, "The charging network in the southwest region is developing rapidly, and the relevant policies and market environment continue to improve
    Guiyang smart parking related projects are one of the key projects to accelerate urban renewal in the southwest region, and ABB is proud to participate in them
    We hope that through our DC charging pile and supporting charging service platform, more car owners can provide support and guarantee for green travel, and also make the smart parking industry more low-carbon and 'digital intelligence'
    " ”
    At present, the ABB Terra series DC charging piles provided by ABB Electric Mobility for this project are in stable operation, and the charging capacity has exceeded 420,000 kWh, helping parking stations solve the charging problem
    ABB Terra CA/CB series of safe and intelligent DC charging piles are suitable for centralized charging stations and various building facilities, providing safe and convenient charging services
    for private cars, ride-hailing vehicles and logistics vehicles.
    Among them, CA is high-configuration, CB is the basic configuration, a variety of power models are selected, and the charging method is flexible, which can be applied to a variety of scenarios

    ABB Terra series features dual gun wheel charging, equal charge wheel charging, intelligent switching and constant power output, which can greatly improve the charging speed and meet a variety of power needs
    Its charging gun has a temperature monitoring function, which can intelligently adjust the temperature balance of the temperature gun, avoid overheating the gun head and reduce the jumping gun, suitable for the humid and hot climate in the southwest region, and the CA high version comes with heating and dehumidification, water immersion sensing, smoke sensing, which can provide perfect system safety protection
    for the charging pile.

    While providing products, ABB also provides customized platform deployment for the Guiyang smart parking project based on the T/CEC China Power Union agreement, so that the charging data can be connected to the "Guiyang Smart Parking" APP platform in real time, smoothly combining charging services with parking systems, and comprehensively improving parking intelligence
    ABB Ability's™ digital solution can remotely diagnose charging piles, ensuring stable, safe and efficient operation of charging piles, and providing strong support for green travel

    The person in charge of Guiyang Smart Parking said, "ABB has high-quality products and excellent service team
    The predictive maintenance included with the ABB Terra series helps us reduce the frequency of on-site service and allows us to focus more on the operation and promotion of charging services
    In addition, ABB's data docking service for Guiyang Smart Parking enables us to easily grasp real-time charging data and dynamic data analysis on our own APP, which plays a key role
    in the popularization of charging services and the upgrading of market strategies.

    As a global player in electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, ABB offers a full range of charging and electrification solutions
    for electric vehicles, electric and hybrid buses, vans, trucks, ships and railways.
    Since entering the EV charging market in 2010, ABB has sold more than 680,000 charging stations in more than 85 countries and regions, including more than 30,000 DC charging stations and 650,000 AC charging stations, including those
    sold through Chargedot.

    ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a global technology company dedicated to transforming society and industries for a more efficient and sustainable future
    ABB continues to push the boundaries of technology and improve performance to new heights
    by integrating intelligent technology into electrical, robotics, automation and motion control products and solutions through software.
    With more than 130 years of history, ABB operates in more than 100 countries and territories around the world and employs 105,000
    ABB has a multi-faceted business in China, including R&D, manufacturing, sales and engineering services, 27 local enterprises, 15,000 employees in about 130 cities, and online and offline channels covering about 700 cities
    across China.

    Original: ABB electric transportation helps Guiyang smart parking solve the charging problem
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