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    Acceptance of high-efficiency pesticide green preparation technology

    • Last Update: 2022-05-09
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      Recently, the national key R&D project "Green Preparation Technology of Efficient Pesticides and Intermediates" led by Hunan Haili Chemical Co.
    , Ltd.
    passed the comprehensive performance evaluation and acceptance organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology


      According to Liu Weidong, the project leader and chairman of Hunan Haili, the project was approved in July 2017 and completed with 15 units including Hunan Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co.
    , Ltd.
    , Nanjing University of Technology, Zhejiang University of Technology, and Beijing University of Chemical Technology


      Liu Weidong pointed out that the development of low-toxicity and low-residue pesticide varieties is an inevitable choice
    At present, there are many problems in China's pesticide industry, such as many kinds of imitations, few kinds of original products, many batch processes, and few continuous processes

    In response to the above problems in the pesticide industry, the project selected 4 pesticide technicals and 2 pesticide intermediates for development


      The project team overcame key technical difficulties such as the efficient and highly selective oxidation of arylmethyl to prepare aryl formic acid, the preparation of (S)-hydroxyindanone methyl ester, the key intermediate of chiral pesticide indoxacarb, and the preparation of benzonitrile by continuous ammonia oxidation, and developed Continuous oxidation key equipment and industrialized complete sets of integrated common technologies, arylmethyl catalytic oxidation common technologies, asymmetric catalytic oxidation new technologies, ammonia oxidation catalysts that are resistant to chlorine corrosion and inhibit dechlorination, have formed a catalytic oxidation system with independent intellectual property rights and multi-dimensional The core technology and equipment of multiphase reaction

      The project has also built 8 sets of production units, including 3 thousand-ton green production demonstration lines, which have realized the application demonstration of key equipment and industrialized complete sets of integrated technologies

      The implementation of this project meets the major needs of national food security, zero growth of pesticides and fertilizers, and transformation and upgrading of the pesticide industry
    The project is of great significance to carry out basic frontier, major common key technology research and application demonstrations around the key technologies for green preparation of efficient pesticides and their key intermediates.
    Major common problems such as heavy environmental load, low energy efficiency, and resource bottleneck constraints have achieved green, efficient and low-carbon production of high-performance and high-value-added pesticides


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