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    Acetone oxime structural formula and preparation method

    • Last Update: 2021-12-30
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    [Structural formula]

    [Physical and chemical properties] Acetone oxime is also called dimethyl ketoxime


    (1) Hydroxylamine sulfate method

    From the reaction of acetone and hydroxylamine sulfate

    Pan Xiangjun et al.

    (2) Ammonia method

    Mi Zhentao and others used acetone, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide as raw materials, dissolved acetone in isopropanol at a dosage of 100-300g solvent/mol acetone, and added TS- in the above-mentioned acetone solution at a dosage of 3-10g catalyst/mol acetone.

    Into a 200mL reactor, add 1.

    The method has the advantages that the reaction efficiency is relatively high, the reaction process is simple, and there is no pollution and harm caused by traditional processes

    [Technical Index]

    [Application] Acetone oxime is a new type of boiler feed water deoxidizer.

    2(CH 3 ) 2 C=NOH+6Fe 2 O 3 →2(CH 3 ) 2 C=O+4Fe 3 O 4 +N 2 O+H 2 O

    The high-temperature decomposition products of acetoxime formic acid, acetic acid and nitrogen oxides have no adverse effects on the water vapor system

    Acetone oxime can also play a role in the shutdown (standby) protection of thermal equipment



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