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    Affected by the surrounding market sentiment, the Shanghai rubber futures price closed slightly higher

    • Last Update: 2022-12-19
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    On Thursday, the Shanghai rubber RU2009 contract reduced its position and increased, and the futures price closed slightly higher
    The current price closed at 10690, +0.
    61% from the previous trading day; Volume 302953 lots, position volume 197106 lots, -3668, basis -90; RU9-1 spread -1090
    The NR2009 contract futures closed at 8840, -1.
    01% from the previous session; Volume 6998 lots, position volume 21244 lots, +607; NR8-9 spread -85

    Shanghai rubber

    News: 1.
    According to Longzhong statistics, as of the week of July 2, the operating rate of semi-steel tire sample manufacturers was 67.
    95%, up 0.
    34% month-on-month and down 3.
    34% year-on-year; The operating rate of all-steel tire sample manufacturers was 71.
    39%, up 0.
    75% month-on-month and down 0.
    Passenger car production: June narrow passenger car production increased by 13.
    1% y/y, while retail sales fell by 6.

    tire imports in March and May continued to decline

    Market quotation: Shanghai market 18-year state-owned full latex reported 10600 (+100) yuan / ton, Vietnam 3L reported 11000 (+0) yuan / ton, Thailand No.
    3 tobacco film reported 13050 (+100) yuan / ton
    Qingdao market STR20 warehouse spot reported 1255 (+0) US dollars / ton, Qingdao market STR20 July cargo reported 1255 (+0) US dollars / ton
    Field glue in Hat Yai raw material market in Thailand 41.
    5 (-0.
    3) baht/kg; Cup gum 32.
    4 (+0.
    15) baht/kg
    Domestic Yunnan Xishuangbanna glue is 9.
    7 (+0/+0) yuan/kg
    Synthetic rubber: Qilu petrochemical styrene-butadiene rubber 1502 in North China Market price 8000 (+0) yuan / ton; The market price of cis-butadiene rubber is 8400 (+0) yuan / ton

    Warehouse receipt inventory: RU warehouse receipt 229380 tons, - 130 tons; NR warehouse receipt 45431 tons, + 282 tons
    Main positions: RU2009 top 20 long positions 87414, - 1011; short positions 136610, -3041; long and short are reduced together, net short is reduced

    Summary: From the current fundamental point of view, the current output of Banna raw materials is stable and upward, some areas have returned to normal levels, and it is heard that alternative planting raw materials are likely to enter in late July, and domestic supply has increased
    significantly in the later period.
    The production capacity of new rubber in the Thai production area has been released, and the raw materials in the production area are also gradually increasing
    In terms of inventory, as of July 3, Qingdao Free Trade Zone accumulated slightly, but there was a small destocking of inventory outside the zone, and the overall inventory in Qingdao area decreased
    In the downstream, the operating rate of the domestic tire market rose slightly month-on-month last week, the domestic market shipped generally, the demand for supporting markets continued to weaken, and the replacement market was in the seasonal off-season; The overseas economy is in a state of slow recovery, the export market has concentrated shipments, and the inventory of finished products has fallen
    From the terminal point of view, the sales volume of heavy trucks is good, and the performance of tire supporting demand in the later period is expected to be better
    driven by infrastructure.
    Affected by the surrounding market sentiment, the RU2009 contract continued to rebound slightly, focusing on the pressure around 10750 in the short term, it is recommended to trade in the 10500-10750 range, and the NR2009 contract is recommended to trade
    in the 8820-9100 range.

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