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    Appraisal of North China Oil and Gas Development Achievement Reached International Advanced Level

    • Last Update: 2021-06-16
    • Source: Internet
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      Sinopec News.
    com recently, at the appraisal meeting of the development professional project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, the North China Oil and Gas Branch undertakes the "Daniudi Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoir Stable Production Technology" and the "Key Technology for Effective Development of Complicated Water-bearing Tight Gas Reservoir at the Basin "The project passed the appraisal and reached the international advanced level as a whole


      Among them, "quantitative description of remaining gas in tight reservoirs based on water blocking, stress sensitivity, and start-up pressure gradient", "time-varying nonlinear seepage theory system in tight gas reservoirs" and "same well production and injection technology for gas wells" have reached international leading levels

      As of the end of 2016, the Daniudi gas field of North China Oil and Gas Branch had accumulated 352 billion cubic meters of reserves.
    Due to insufficient replacement of new areas, low gas well pressure, rapid decline, and low recovery rate, it is urgent to tackle key adaptive and stable production supporting technologies


      In the past five years, scientific researchers have continued to increase scientific and technological research, continued in-depth research, and formed a number of technological innovations.
    Through the application of the research results of the "Daniudi Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoir Stability Technology" project, a new production capacity of 1.
    05 billion was built in the Daniudi Gas Field.
    Fang, the newly-added economically recoverable reserves of 13 billion cubic meters, an increase of 5.
    5% in oil recovery, the continuous stable production of 3 billion cubic meters of gas fields, and the stable supply of gas from the gas fields to the greater North China region

    Based on the project research results, 12 national invention patents have been declared, 4 of which have been authorized, 4 of utility model patents have been authorized, and 2 of enterprise standards have been issued


      Accelerating the large-scale and profitable development of the Dongsheng Gas Field is the only way to realize the continuous increase in natural gas production in the Ordos Basin of the North China Oil and Gas Branch
    In response to the complex relationship between gas reservoir types and gas-water in the Dongsheng Gas Field, and the difficulty of development, the researchers of the project team of "Key Technologies for Effective Development of Complicated Water-bearing Tight Gas Reservoirs at Basin Edges" carried out accurate identification of complex types of reservoirs with integrated seismic and geology.
    The theory of nonlinear seepage flow in tight water-bearing reservoirs and the spatial distribution characteristics of gas reservoirs, optimization of development technology policies, research and development of key technologies for supporting development, have achieved scale-efficient development of complex water-bearing vapor reservoirs


      The project results supported the use of 80 billion cubic meters of reserves in the Dongsheng Gas Field, a cumulative new production capacity of 2.
    25 billion cubic meters, an annual gas output of 1.
    57 billion cubic meters, and a billion cubic meters of production investment from 3.
    68 billion yuan to 2.
    6 billion yuan

    From 2018 to 2020, the newly added profit is 442 million yuan, and the profit and tax is 117 million yuan, which has achieved obvious economic and social benefits

    Based on the project research results, 13 invention patents have been declared, 6 of which have been authorized; 1 software copyright has been authorized; 2 enterprise standards have been formulated, 18 academic papers have been published, 4 of which are included in SCI


      (Ding Jingchen and Xu Dongmei)

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