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    August 21 Shanghai aluminum brief comment

    • Last Update: 2022-12-12
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    As Trump's remarks put pressure on the dollar, Shanghai aluminum strengthened today, the main 1810 contract returned above 14500, closing up 2.
    01% at 14705, up 290 from the previous trading day; The fundamentals are gradually improving, and alumina continues to rise, and the possibility of aluminum prices rising is relatively large, but trade frictions still bring uncertainties to the trend of metals, and the short-term trend is strongly volatile, and the upper part temporarily pays attention to the pressure level of the 15000 mark; It is expected that spot aluminum will continue to rise

    Shanghai aluminum

    Today's South China aluminum ingot quotation of 14640-14740 yuan, the average price is 14690 yuan, up 250 yuan, the futures price has risen sharply, some value-preserving goods have flowed out, the market supply is relatively abundant, the interaction between supply and demand is positive, and the market transaction atmosphere is still active
    The mainstream transaction price is concentrated in the range of 14650-14700 yuan, which is a premium of -40~10 yuan
    compared with the average price of South China Reserve.

    Today's Nanchu East China aluminum ingot quotation is 14530-14570 yuan, the average price is 14550 yuan, up 230
    Yangtze River: 14540-14580, 14560 up 230
    Futures prices rose, while the basis did not change much, middlemen and downstream wait-and-see mainly, holders shipments are still positive, the overall transaction is general, the transaction price is 14530 yuan ~ 14550 yuan, compared with the average price of South Reserve East China - 20 ~ 0 yuan

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