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    Cangzhou Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. has many highlights in shutdown and maintenance of continuous reforming unit

    • Last Update: 2021-06-06
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      China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation News.
    com Cangzhou Refinery and Petroleum Refinery 2 continuous reforming unit shutdown phase of all tasks have been completed.
    On the afternoon of the 19th, the device was delivered to the construction unit one day earlier than planned and officially entered the maintenance phase.
    During the entire shutdown process, the Second Refinery Department scientifically organized and carefully planned, strictly implemented the company's major modifications and related requirements, and the continuous reforming unit realized environmental protection, energy saving, and efficient shutdown.

      One is to stagger the time of cutting off the feed through the reforming unit and the pre-hydrogenation unit, eat as much raw material as possible, reduce the liquid level of the tower tank, send out more qualified components, and reduce the production of 50 tons of slop oil.
    The second is to save water, electricity, steam and wind and other energy-consuming working fluids throughout the entire shutdown process.
    When the device is passivated, water resources are reused, sewage discharge is reduced, and the cost of passivated water treatment is reduced.
    Discharge of 50 tons of waste water saves the cost of passivation water treatment.
    The third is the shutdown team to check and evaluate the quality and efficiency of the work done by the operation team and overtime team.
    Those who fail to complete work tasks as required or whose work quality is not high shall submit assessment opinions.

      Cangzhou Refining & Chemical Co.
    , Ltd.
    realized closed-loop management through rational deployment of personnel, detailed and quantified tasks, and closed-loop management of the operation process.
    Finally, through everyone's efforts, various tasks were completed with high quality, and the equipment was handed over in advance to gain more time for the next maintenance.

      (Zhang Yuanwang)

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