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    Changling Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. Improves Talent Cultivation Mechanism

    • Last Update: 2021-09-25
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    Sinopec News Network News In recent years, Changling Refinery has used advanced human resource management concepts to improve the four talent training mechanisms of “attracting talents, gathering talents, rationalizing talents, and employing talents”, so that talents can be brought in, retained and used.

    The company uses precise drip irrigation to plan a talent training system in conjunction with grassroots units.
    They grasped the responsibility of talent training, incorporated talent training indicators into high-level talent performance orders, unit organizational performance and key work assessment categories of the leadership team, and ensured that one was introduced and one was cultivated.
    At the same time, we are preparing to design career development plans and paths with new graduates entering the factory as a pilot group.
    According to the three routes of professional direction, technical route, and technical backbone, they are assigned to experts in various professional departments, technical fields, and various types of work to implement targeted training.

    The company has established a talent pool in different categories.
    In the management sequence, establish different types of talent pools; based on the human resource system data, combined with research, they increase the analysis of the key elements of the employee's age, education, professional, and rank human resources, and guide the introduction of talents and the overall deployment of human resources, etc.
    The development of various tasks.
    They guide more talents to follow the professional technique and skill operation sequence.
    Work hard on thinking guidance, guide technical and skilled personnel to love technology, and study technology based on the post.

    The company incorporates the monthly and annual evaluations of high-level technical and technical talents into a unified and centralized management.
    They focus on competitive recruitment, optimize the process of competitive recruitment, and comprehensively consider the participating personnel through multiple elements and channels.
    Eligible candidates can challenge the existing expert, chief technician, and chief technician positions to gain technical skills.
    Talents are constantly improving.

    The company insists on performance orientation.
    Develop performance orders in a quantitative form, quantify the work of experts, chief technicians and chief technicians, and publicize the completion status within a certain range.
    Adhere to the ability-oriented, technical skills and talents work to reflect the technical color and professional ability, combined with the current situation for professional thinking, and use professional knowledge to solve the company's actual problems.
    Adhere to the appropriateness of people and posts, so that people with different professional expertise, different experiences, and different levels of ability can enjoy fair growth opportunities.

    (Zhang Yong)

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