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    Changling Refining & Chemical employees donated 43,000 ml of blood again free of charge

    • Last Update: 2021-06-04
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      Sinopec News Network News On May 27, more than 100 employees from various units of Changling Refining & Chemical Corporation came to the mobile blood donation point of the blood station community in the center of Yueyang City, Hunan Province, and once again concentrated unpaid blood donation of 43,000 ml to promote the traditional virtues of willingness to give.
    The noble character of corporate cadres and employees caring for the society.

      Before the event, Changling Refinery and the blood station negotiated to determine the blood donation activities.
    The group department issued a voluntary blood donation initiative, and the employees of all units responded positively and enthusiastically signed up.
    On the same day, the mobile blood donation cart from the blood station came to Changling Refining and Chemical Community.
    The employees who signed up include "teachers" and new college students; there are management cadres, and there are also front-line shift workers.
    Everyone queued up in accordance with the requirements of normalized epidemic prevention and control, completed information registration, conducted physical examinations in an orderly manner, and cooperated with medical staff to do blood tests and blood collections.

      It is reported that Changling Refining and Chemical also took this love blood donation event as an opportunity, and the group department simultaneously organized and carried out the "Youth heart to the party, a new era of contributions" theme group day activities, in-depth promotion of party history learning and education, and inspiring young people to learn party history , Factory history, inherit the good red gene, as well as the spirit of petroleum and petrochemical traditions, and promote the progress of enterprises and society.

      (Zhang Yong and Wei Zhenfeng)

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