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    CO2 oil increase road of Taizhou Oil Production Plant in East China

    • Last Update: 2021-10-03
    • Source: Internet
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    “In oil fields with high water cut and high recovery with strong bottom water, there have been few ways to improve oil recovery.
    Reservoirs like Xinanzhuang with high viscosity, large mobility ratios, and bottom water cones are more difficult to manage.
    So, we took into account the characteristics of CO2 overlap, flow, viscosity reduction, and surface tension reduction, and explored the work of improving oil recovery.
    ” Liang Po continued.

    In view of the current situation of rising oil and casing pressures in the Xinanping 1 well, the oil production plant formulated a construction plan that firstly braised the well for diffusion and then released blowout for production.
    After the completion of the construction, the daily output increased from 0.
    2 tons to 4.
    5 tons, providing an effective field basis for the promotion of CO2 immiscible flooding in medium and high permeability reservoirs.

    "No matter how complex the reservoir structure is, no matter where the crude oil is stored, we will unswervingly'find' it down!" said factory director Tang Jianxin: "During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, we explored and compiled 5 technical specifications for CO2 flooding, and For different types of reservoirs at different development stages and different oil qualities, 16 CO2 flooding (huffing and puff) development units have been established successively, with an annual injection volume of 160,000 tons, and conducting experiments and research on CO2 oil enhancement technology such as miscible, immiscible, huff and puff, and "2C" And promotion work, the average oil change rate is 2.
    ” (Geng Jie)

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